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Wonderfold Wagon Review 2023 (Why We Love It!)

Wonderfold Wagon Review

A Wonderfold Wagon can make an excellent addition for large families who want to make every moment matter. This quad stroller wagon is affordable, easy to store in a car or SUV, and, best of all, kids love it! Here’s what you should know before buying the product.

What Are the Wonderfold Wagon Features?

The Wonderfold Wagon is a great stroller for parents and kids looking for fun, innovative ways to engage with their surroundings. This quad wagon has ample storage space and comes with lots of added features.

There are various Wonderfold Wagon models available, the most popular being W4 Luxe, W4 Elite, and W4 Original. The W4 Luxe is the most advanced model with all-terrain XL wheels, a magnetic harness, and more.

These extra-large wheels are the only difference you’ll find between the Luxe and Elite models. If you’re looking for a starter stroller, the W4 Original is the brand’s basic version. It comes with raised seats but without adjustable canopy height.

Visit the Wonderfold Wagon website to learn about their other popular wagon lines, including the Pet, M, and X series.

No matter which Wonderfold Wagon you choose, all models features the following.

Durable Construction

Each version of the Wonderfold Wagon weighs between 47 and 58 pounds and can support 200 to 300 pounds, making it a strong, roomy choice to accommodate both your kid and all their paraphernalia. You’ll love its adjustable handlebar, canopy, adjustable modular seats, and all-terrain wheels.

Strong Body and Frame

Each Wonderfold Wagon’s tubular frame steel alloy construction has plastic composite joint reinforcement for added strength and folding. You can fold or collapse it to fit SUVs, minivans, or luggage racks. It will stay closed during your ride thanks to the safety catch that locks the unit in place.

Mesh fabric on the body spreads over the hard points for more comfortable seating. Its seats, harnesses, and other elements are removable, so you can clean and wash them with ease.

Kids love this stroller wagon for its easy access and supreme comfort. The zippered door on the wagon makes entry and exit of the stroller safe and effortless. The zippered mesh panels do a great job blocking the wind and sun when the little ones are taking a nap.

Rubber Wheels

The Wonderfold Wagon has four rubber wheels with shock-absorbing ABS plastic spokes. You can take the stroller over just about any terrain without the need to inflate the wheels. However, moving through sand can be uncomfortable if the wagon’s load is too heavy.

Removable Seats

Whatever style you choose, you’ll find raised seats with strong ripstop nylon and fiber boards for support and durability. Parents can adjust the Wonderfold Wagon’s removable seats for bigger children, extra storage, and more.

Adjustable Canopy

With the exception of the W4 Original, each Wonderfold Wagon comes with an adjustable canopy that can be raised up to 54 inches as well as dropped completely. The canopy poles lock in place using a pressure catch while the curtain rolls around the hoops.

Ample Storage

You’re unlikely to run out of storage space in your Wonderfold Wagon. Use the bottom section for stowing your diaper bag, toys, snacks, and more. The small zippered bag and storage compartment on the back will hold your keys, cell phone, or your child’s favorite pacifier.

Folded Design

Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can fold up the Wonderfold Wagon by pressing down the levers and lifting the top bar’s middle.


Depending on the model, you’ll find a range of additional items:

  • Baskets
  • Rubber mats
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Shade net
  • Rain cover
  • Solar phone charger
  • Pull handle
  • UV light bag
  • Tote
  • Carriage nets
  • Travel cover
  • Dust cover
  • Additional storage bags

What About the Cons?

If you’re considering adding this stroller to your baby registry, bear in mind the following downsides.

Too Big

A Wonderfold Wagon may be too big when compared to your regular stroller. Its size may prevent you from taking the wagon anywhere that space is too tight.

Too Heavy

The large size makes this wagon heavier than a regular double stroller. Sure, it can carry up to four kids, but you may struggle to load it into the SUV or push it up a steep slope with your kids inside.

Too Expensive

The company offers different Wonderfold Wagons, but they all come with heftier price tags compared to regular strollers. If you don’t mind paying more, you’re in for a great purchase from a reputable brand.

Do I Need a Wonderfold Wagon?

Here’s how you’ll know the Wonderfold Wagon will fit your lifestyle:

  • You often take field trips with the family to parks, zoos, or market visits.
  • Your children will soon outgrow their strollers.
  • You often meet with friends for outings and playdates.
  • You have multiple children, or a large extended family with kids who love spending time together.
  • You’re looking for a versatile product to replace your boring stroller and make the time you spend with kids more interactive.

What Age Is a Wonderfold Wagon For?

The Wonderfold Wagon is suitable for children and toddlers from six months of age and up. It can support between 200 and 300 pounds of weight. You can purchase an additional accessory, the Wonderfold Bassinet, to accommodate infants.

Is the Wonderfold Wagon Worth It?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on how much you’re willing to invest in transporting your kids from one end of the park to the other. The Wonderfold Wagon performs well, is quiet, moves easily, and has plenty of storage. In terms of value for money, you’re getting a great deal, and it’s definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a high-end, versatile solution, look no further than Wonderfold.

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