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When To Have A Baby Shower?

When To Have A Baby Shower?

Whether it is yourself, your friend, or your family member that has announced their pregnancy, a baby shower is an essential event. This tradition allows all of the mom-to-be’s closest friends and family to come together and celebrate the life that she is about to bring into this world. 

Although, when it comes to actually planning the baby shower, you might not know where to start. The guest list, the games, the venue, the food, everything can build up so quickly. 

The most important part is to know when you to have the baby shower. Below, we explain everything you need to know about hosting your baby shower at the perfect time! 

Let’s get into it! 

What Is A Baby Shower? 

Basically, a baby shower is a party held to commemorate the upcoming birth of a new child. Additionally, it’s a method for loved ones to assist the new parents in purchasing whatever they require. Since babies require so many things, the list might get rather pricey!

Baby showers allow everyone close to the expecting parents to come together and celebrate such a milestone in their lives. And it also allows everyone to relax a little with some fun baby-themed party games and adorable themed foods and drinks. 

When Did Baby Showers Become Tradition?

When To Have A Baby Shower?

Perhaps you are unaware, but baby showers as we know them now are a very recent phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean that expecting parents didn’t receive gifts before baby showers became commonplace (for the best gifts for expecting moms, read here).

Newborns have always been a cause for excitement and celebration, but these celebrations were substantially different in the past than they are now.

It was a tradition within ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures to celebrate the new baby and mother with offerings of gifts to their Gods and Goddesses. However, the tradition of a baby shower did not become popular in the Western World until the 1940s and 50s. 

This was due to the baby boom that took place after the war. While the world was in chaos and surrounded by the after-effects of war(s), celebrating new life gave everyone the ability to find some joy. 

When To Have A Baby Shower?

Now, this can be the part that may seem simple to figure out but is deceivingly difficult. When you should have a baby shower is not something that is set in stone.

The majority of baby showers are held four to six weeks prior to delivery. In this manner, guests can select gifts and decorations with the baby’s gender in mind.

It is common for the baby shower to be held nearer the end of the pregnancy as expecting parents tend to have more of an idea of what they have for the baby and what they still need. It also allows the risk of miscarriage to decrease significantly allowing mothers to relax and enjoy themselves. 

However, if you feel that you would prefer to have the baby shower earlier on in your pregnancy for whatever reason that is completely fine! It is a time for celebration and can be done at any time during the pregnancy. 

Throwing A Baby Shower

On the day, baby showers can be super fun and allow everyone to come together to celebrate the new life about to be born. However, planning them can be one of the most stressful parts of being pregnant. 

Below are some things to keep in mind when planning a baby shower to ensure it is a great day for everyone: 

  • Food: No party is complete without some excellent snacks. You can decide to host a buffet or spread where anyone can add food. You can also enlist the help of your visitors to help you buy everything in advance. You may also ask the restaurant or tea room where the baby shower will be held for a budget.  

We love having small snacks such as cupcakes and candy set that are made with the color of the gender of the baby. Or if you don’t know the gender, go for a pastel theme for something truly magical. 

And a cake for a baby shower is always an option!

  • Decorations: Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to generate decoration ideas. DIY crafts and inexpensive materials can be used to create a variety of appealing themes.
  • Gifts: If the parents have set up a gift registry, each visitor may opt to bring their own gift; typical items include baby clothes, toys, and diapers. You can also offer mum a gift that she can use to treat herself, such as fragrant candles, face masks, or even excellent cosmetics. Or, if your parents need assistance with one of the more expensive items, you might approach your guests and try to raise the funds necessary to provide a larger gift collectively.
  • Favors: Baby shower gifts don’t need to be expensive. A great way to say “thank you” to each visitor is to give them a small bag filled with treats like cookies or candy.
  • Games: One of the most important aspects of the baby shower is the games! There are many activities to keep guests entertained, such as “Guess the Baby Food” and “Guess the Mom’s Belly Size.” You may find a list of entertaining baby shower games on Google. 

Games are a great way to get everyone talking and sharing their favorite moments with the expecting mother. 


Baby showers are a time to joyous and happy. With all of your loved ones surrounding you in a time of happiness. 

When the baby shower takes place is a personal choice, although, it is common for it to be held 4-6 weeks before the baby is due. The perfect time to get those precious pictures with your bump and to really capture the pregnancy glow. 

So, if you are planning a baby shower remember, to keep it simple! Order some food, pack a few favors, and create some fun games for everyone to play.

Make the most of the time while you’re pregnant and enjoy as everyone gushes over you.

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