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What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

Baby showers are a celebration of a new life that is about to come into the world. They can be really beautiful, especially when you are close to the expecting parents.

Usually, guests will bring gifts and cards to baby showers and while finding the right gift can be a challenge, sometimes working out what to write in the card can be even harder!

You want to make sure that the expecting parents know you care and you want them to feel appreciated and like their baby is going to be loved by you and the other people in their life. Coming up with the best baby shower card message is a bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible! 

We are here to help you work out the perfect message for a baby shower card that the expecting parents will love and be really thankful for!

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

What to write in a baby shower card really depends on a couple of different factors. You need to know who you are addressing, in some cases, you need to know the baby’s gender, and how close you are to the parents. 

If you are really close to the parents, writing a message in the card will be a lot easier than if they are acquaintances, because you will be able to pour your heart into the message, whereas for parents you don’t know as well, you have to be a bit more reserved.

When you know the parents better, you can also add a bit of humor to the message, but make sure that the parents are going to understand the joke! 

Some parents care a lot about the gender of the baby, while others don’t, so you will have to gauge this factor for yourself.

If you have been told ahead of time if the baby is a boy or a girl, you can address this in the message on the card. If you don’t know, or the parents have specified not to focus on it, then don’t address the gender. 

Another important factor to consider is that most people only focus on the mother who is carrying the baby at baby showers, rather than both parents.

If you feel confident and comfortable addressing them both, then do so, but judge this according to the situation and what you have learned about the baby shower beforehand.

If both parents are going to be in attendance, then it makes sense to address them both in the card, for example. 

Baby Shower Card Message Ideas

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

If you are really stuck on what to write in a baby shower card, then you are in luck! We have put together a little list of messages that you can use when you are lacking inspiration.

These messages range from funny to simple and you are sure to find something that is appropriate for the baby shower you are about to attend. 

Basic Baby Shower Card Messages

Regardless of if you have a way with words or not, sometimes a simple message is the best way to go about signing the card.

You could just want to get straight to the point, or you might not know the parents-to-be very well and basic baby shower card messages show that you are happy for them, without getting too complicated. 

Try using some of the basic baby shower card messages below. 

  • “Wishing you all the best and congratulations!”
  • “I’m so happy for you!”
  • “Best Wishes and good luck for the future of your family”
  • “Sending all my love to you and your family at this special time”
  • “So happy for you and your family”
  • “I can’t wait to meet the little one!” 
  • “This little one is so blessed to have you as a mom!”
  • “Babies don’t come with instruction manuals but know that’s half the fun. Best wishes on your adventure!”
  • “A cradle full of wishes for your new baby girl/boy!”
  • “Wishing you an easy birth, a quick recovery, and a healthy little munchkin.”
  • “From small beginnings come great things. Congratulations!”
  • “Can’t wait to meet those tiny little feet!”
  • “Wishing you all of the blessings a new baby brings!”
  • “Your little lovebug definitely won the parent lottery. I can’t wait to see your family grow!”

Funny Baby Shower Card Messages

Humor always works well in a card, but it is always important that you know your audience before you jump in with the jokes.

If you know the parents well and you understand their humor (and vice versa!) then you will have no issues in making some lighthearted jokes between you. 

If you don’t know the parents very well though, it’s in your best interest to pass on making jokes. Just read the situation accordingly and if funny messages are appropriate, check out the funny messages we have provided below!

  • “Don’t worry! You will get the house back in about 18 years!”
  • “Honored that you named your baby after me!”
  • “I hope you enjoyed sleeping because you won’t get any more of it!”
  • “In just a few months, you will be a stain removal expert!”
  • “May they inherit your husband’s good looks, your brains, and my sense of humor.”
  • “Remember our wild nights staying up till dawn? That was your training. I know you’ll do great!”
  • “Congrats on the birth of your tiny Overlord!”
  • “You can’t return them when they break your stuff, but you can always drop them off with us!”


Baby showers really bring people together and give you all the opportunity to spend some time together before the little one arrives. When you sign your card with the perfect message, it will make the event even more special!

If you didn’t know how to sign a baby shower card before, you definitely will now! Judge the situation accordingly, and if you do choose to go for something funny, make sure the parents-to-be will understand and appreciate the joke! But remember, even simple messages can mean a lot too!

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