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What Is Breast Milk Jewelry?

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry

There are loads of ways that people celebrate motherhood with jewelry, with all kinds of different pieces, from lockets to necklaces – and more.

For example, you could have a bracelet with the baby’s name engraved on it, or a push present that involves the baby’s specific birthstone.

However, a commemorative piece of motherhood jewelry that you may not have thought of is the breast milk variety. 

That’s right, there are pieces of jewelry that you can get which contain your breast milk, forever offering a memento of motherhood and when you were having to breastfeed your baby.

This is a unique and incredibly personal way to celebrate motherhood with jewelry, and you can get it in all kinds of varieties. 

In our guide below, we’re going to go in-depth about what breast milk jewelry is, a brief overview of how breast milk jewelry is made, examples of the best types of breast milk jewelry, and much more.

Read on!

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry used for celebrating and remembering motherhood, breast milk jewelry is probably not the first one that you think of. In fact, you may have never heard of it before this article!

This is a shame, though, because it’s got a lot to offer – as you’ll see in the next section.

Put simply, breast milk jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a piece of jewelry that contains preserved and dehydrated breast milk, encased in the jewelry in some manner. 

It naturally has a soft, creamy look to it, but you can actually customize the appearance a little if you want.

For example, the pigment that the breast milk is set in can alter the color a bit, or you can add gold flakes or shimmering powders into the mix too to give it a bit of extra texture. 

Breast milk jewelry used to be a niche thing to get, which made it hard to find local brands that would easily do it for you, but it’s now increased in popularity.

Thankfully, this has the benefit of making it a lot more accessible, and it should now be much easier for you to find brands that will do it for you.

Why Is Breast Milk Jewelry Special?

Breast milk jewelry is an incredibly special way to celebrate and remember the early parts of motherhood, and one that’s far more personal than other pieces of motherhood jewelry.

Breast milk jewelry is popular for two key reasons.

One, breast milk jewelry looks beautiful and totally unique. It’s got a creamy look to it with a milk-like hue, understandably, and this makes it appear with a soft glow akin to opal.

It’s a dreamy, peaceful appearance, and one that looks very elegant, no matter what type of jewelry the breast milk is being used in.

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry

The second reason is that breast milk jewelry is extremely personal – far more so than any other piece of motherhood jewelry.

It encases breast milk from you – nobody else – making it a direct reflection and reminder of the early stages of motherhood, when you were feeding your baby.

This is true regardless of whether you were a nursing mom or a pumping mom.

Nobody else’s breast milk jewelry will be the same as yours, and it allows you to carry a constant reminder with you of the close, loving bond that you have with your child.

In fact, you can actually make the jewelry even more personal, because some brands will let you add other personal touches into the breast milk stone.

For example, you add a lock of your child’s hair into it, or even powder from the umbilical cord.

Imagination is the limit here, because there are so many different personal ways you can customize the jewelry, all emphasizing the special bond and history you have with your child.

Can Breast Milk Jewelry Use Formula?

Those who use formula instead of breast milk might be wondering whether they can still have their own breast milk jewelry.

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Brands should be able to use formula for your jewelry instead, if that’s what you want.

How Do They Make Breast Milk Jewelry?

As you can imagine, making breast milk jewelry is a pretty interesting process, and surely unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

Every brand that offers breast milk jewelry will have their own process, as well as specific things they can add for you, but we can touch on the general process that’s used. 

To begin with, you’ll need to send the brand a specific amount of breast milk.

Since this will likely be shipped, it needs to be kept very secure, which is why you need to put the breast milk in a sterile breast milk bag. 

Once they’ve received the milk, they will go about preserving the milk so that it lasts indefinitely and doesn’t go off.

This is very important, because you wouldn’t want the contents of the jewelry to get old and go off! After that, they dehydrate the milk so that it’s free from moisture. 

When that’s done, the milk is ground down into a fine powder, and that powder is then mixed with some resin so that it has the gorgeous, dreamy appearance of the final breast milk stone.

That stone is then put into whatever type of jewelry you’re having. 

Types Of Breast Milk Jewelry

There are lots of different types of jewelry that you can get personalized with your breast milk.

For one, you can get a bracelet band that contains lots of breast milk stones all around it, perhaps with glimmering stones alternating in between each. 

On the other hand, you can get a necklace with a breast milk stone, so there’s a constant reminder of motherhood around your neck.

Similarly, you can get a ring with a single large breast milk stone in it.

Final Thoughts

Breast milk jewelry is beautiful and deeply personal, celebrating motherhood in the best way. 

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