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100+ Strong Boy Names and Their Meanings (2023)

Strong Boy Names

When choosing the name for their child, many parents opt for strong boy names that convey meanings and reflect their heritage.

Among the most popular are those related to strong traits, perfect for kind and fearless boys. Such names are associated with bravery, heroism, and strength and have powerful meanings.

Whether you are looking for an old-fashioned or modern, a short or a long name, we have you covered. Check out our list of strong unusual boy names and find the ideal one for your baby boys!


Aiden is a name with origins from Irish mythology. It comes from the Old Irish moniker Aodhán and means ‘little fire’. The name can also be spelled ‘Aidan’.


The name Alexander means ‘defending man’ in Greek and has historical significance. It is associated with the brave ruler and fearless warrior Alexander the Great. It leads to many strong nicknames, including Alec, Alex, and Xander.


Ethan is a modern name with a Hebrew origin that means ‘firm’, ‘enduring’, and ‘solid’.


Hunter or ‘the one who hunts’ is among the powerful boy names.


Liam is an Irish name that is short of the name William which means ‘desire’ and ‘protection’.


Valentine is a name with strong yet romantic associations. It means ‘strong’ but is also associated with st. Valentine.


This is a name of Slavic origin meaning ‘of great power’.

Unusual boy names

Strong Unusual Boy Names


A Hebrew name common in the middle ages that means ‘God is my power’.


This is the Spanish and Italian version of the name Arsenios, denoting power.


An ancient Hebrew name meaning God strengthens.


The English name for the word Maverick means ‘independent one’.


An ancient Germanic name meaning ‘strong counsel’.


The name Reginald means ‘strength of the council’, and its Italian equivalent is Rinaldo.


A name of Greek origin meaning ‘sea strength’.

Uncommon Strong Boy Names


Augustus is a powerful Latin name meaning ‘magnificent’. It was a common name among Roman emperors and German royalty.


This powerful boy’s name signifies ‘lighting’. A famous person that bears this name is president Barack Obama.


Barret is a name of German origin, meaning bear strength, which you can also consider for your baby girl.


A medieval Italian name meaning ‘strong’ and ‘defender’.


Dustin comes from the Old Norse God Thorsten, meaning ‘Thor’s stone’.


Farrell is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘man of courage’.


Malin is a unique name with a personality. It is an English name meaning ‘ little strong warrior’.


Maoz is a symbolic Hebrew name meaning ‘strength’.


Napoleon is a name of a strong ruler and has historical significance.


A name from Norse mythology meaning strong, vigorous.


Oz is a Hebrew name meaning ‘power and strength’.


The word Phoenix is associated with the mythological bird, which is a symbol of renewal.


Ragnall is the Irish form of the name ‘Ragnvaldr’, which means ‘advice and power’.


A Sanskrit name meaning ‘one with great strength’.


A Sanskrit name meaning ‘victorious’.


Uzziah is a Hebrew name that comes from the ancient Hebrew words Oz and Yah, meaning ‘strength’ and ‘power’.


A name from Greek mythology that signifies power and strength.

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Powerful boy name

Powerful Baby Boy Names


Andreas is an ancient Greek name that means ‘strong’ and ‘manly’. The name is a variation of Andrew and is associated with the patron saint of marriage and female fertility.


Arnold is a strong Dutch boy’s name, meaning ‘eagle ruler’. It is related to the actor Schwarzenegger who played fearless characters in the movies. The short version of the name is ‘Arne’.


Conrad is a German name meaning ‘bold ruler’ and ‘brave counsel’.


An ancient Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘guardian’ and ‘protector’.


Whether it is spelled Eric or Erik, it is a strong name with Scandinavian roots meaning ‘complete ruler’.


Mario is an Italian boy’s name meaning ‘manly’.


The name of a legendary Greek hunter is featured in several myths and legends.

Traditional Boy Names


Andrew is a strong and traditional masculine boy name meaning manly and strong and is associated with ‘warrior’. The shortened forms of the name are Andy and Drew.


David is a biblical name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘favorite’.


George is a strong boy’s name that signifies power and significance.

Classic Boy Names


Gabriel is a powerful Biblical name, a combination of the words ‘strong man hero’ and ‘God’.


Given that the meaning of the name is ‘ruler’, Henry is a strong and powerful boy’s name. Many kings and royalties bore this name.


John is a Biblical name that has been a dominant boy’s name throughout the centuries.


Martin is among the most popular strong boy names meaning ‘warlike’.


A powerful Hebrew name that denotes someone “who is like God”.


Peter is a Biblical name, the name of One of Jesus’s apostles. It has a meaning of ‘stone’ in Greek.


Victor is a classic name that means ‘victor, and conqueror’.

Baby name that means king

Boy Names That Mean King/Lion

  1. Ariel (lion of God)
  2. Arthur (King)
  3. Griffin (strong prince, strong lord)
  4. Leonard (brave lion)
  5. Rex (king)

Heroic Boy Names

  1. Ambrose (immortal)
  2. Conall (strong wolf)
  3. Hercules (the Latin word for Heracles, meaning hero, warrior)
  4. Jupiter (ruler)
  5. Thor (thunderous)

Strong Boy Names

If none of the names mentioned above is right for your baby, check out the other name ideas and find out what their meanings are.

  1. Armstrong (strong arms, fighter)
  2. Amell (eagle power)
  3. Angus (one strength)
  4. Austin (strong, magnificent)
  5. Azai (strength)
  6. Ballard (brave and strong)
  7. Bernard (strong as a bear)
  8. Brian (strong, virtuous, honorable)
  9. Denzell (powerful)
  10. Ebert (brave boar)
  11. Edric (power, good fortune)
  12. Farell (man of courage)
  13. Finley (fair warrior)
  14. Garret (spear strength)
  15. Godric (God’s ruler)
  16. Haile (power strength)
  17. Harvey (battle worthy)
  18. Hudson (brave ruler)
  19. Imre (strength)
  20. Jason (from the Greek word Iaomai, meaning ‘to heal’)
  21. Jarek (fierce, strong)
  22. Kano (capability, masculine power)
  23. Kendrick (bold power)
  24. Kenzo (strong and healthy)
  25. Leopold (brave people)
  26. Lucious (light)
  27. Ludwig (famous warrior)
  28. Maynard (brave and strong)
  29. Oswald (divine power)
  30. Oziris (strong eyesight)
  31. Quillon (crossing swords)
  32. Roderick (strong ruler)
  33. Ryker (superior strength)
  34. Stark (strong, rigid)
  35. Swithun (quick, strong)
  36. Takio (strong as bamboo)
  37. Tedmond (protector)
  38. Valerio (strength)
  39. Wyatt (brave)
  40. Zale (sea strength)
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