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SlumberPod Review (Pro’s and Con’s)


Are you a new parent struggling to put their baby to sleep at night? You might want to check out the SlumberPod. It’s a portable privacy pod that creates a warm environment for babies to fall asleep comfortably, but is it worth it?

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed SlumberPod review and give you a deep glimpse into its pros and cons so that you can decide if it’s the right match for your family!

What Is a SlumberPod?

A SlumberPod is a small pop-up tent designed to fit over a travel crib, inflatable toddler bed, or select toddler cots, creating a separate, personal space for your baby to sleep in.

It comes with a sleeping pad and a custom-fitted sheet for added comfort. The tent’s material is light and breathable, featuring a mesh panel that works as a ventilation window.

Besides the breathable fabric, the manufacturers made a fan to work alongside it. This is custom-made for the pods’ fan pocket and provides increased ventilation. While this is an optional add-on, your child will greatly benefit from its presence.

What Are the Pros of Using a SlumberPod?

Here’s a list of all the pros you’ll enjoy if you get the SlumberPod.

Privacy and Comfort

More often than not, babies need to have a certain degree of privacy and comfort to have a good night’s sleep. The SlumberPod provides that and more.

The sleep pod works as a private sleep nook and creates a cozy sleep environment for babies, away from all the noise outside. This can aid their sleep by making them feel safe and comfortable.


Perhaps the biggest issue new parents have when buying baby stuff is portability. No one wants to lug around heavy stuff all the time.

With this slumber pod, this is no issue at all. Its lightweight material means it’s easy to carry anywhere. You can simply pack it up in your carry-on luggage and take it anywhere.

It also comes with a compact carrying case. This makes storage and transportation a breeze.

Dark Environment

If your newborn or young child struggles with sleeping in a brightly lit place, then a SlumberPod is the perfect solution for your problems.

The tent’s material is pitch black, creating the illusion of sleeping in a dark room. This means the child can get a good night’s sleep even if the light is on, as there will be complete darkness inside the tent.

This makes it perfect for room-sharing scenarios where the whole family needs to share a room, such as when staying in hotel rooms.

Reduced Noise

Many children aren’t able to sleep well in a noisy environment. This makes it difficult for parents to work and talk while their newborn is sleeping in the same room. The SlumberPod addresses this issue as well.

While it doesn’t completely block out all noise, it’ll minimize most of it. This is great for nap time, as your child can rest comfortably without being disturbed.

What are the Cons of Using a SlumberPod?

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Despite all its pros, the sleep pod does have a few disadvantages. While they’re not deal breakers, they’re still worth noting.

Limited Size

The SlumberPod is designed to fit over a standard-sized travel crib or over Pack ‘n Plays.

However, if you have a larger or non-standard-sized crib or cot, it may not fit properly. This may be a deal breaker for some parents, as they’ll have to purchase a new crib to be able to use the pod.

Restricted Ventilation

While the pod is made from a breathable material and has a mesh panel and ventilation flaps that allow air into it, some parents might be concerned about the limited airflow inside the enclosed tent. It can get hot and stuffy inside, especially on summer days.

To put your mind at ease, you can purchase the SlumberPod fan accessory to boost ventilation inside the tent. It’s sold separately without the pod or in a combo with it. It’s the perfect addition for families who live in warmer regions.

If you don’t want to make the extra purchase, you can use a baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature inside and ensure your baby isn’t burning up.

Also, you can open your room windows to increase ventilation.


Some babies might find the enclosed tent to be uncomfortable or unsettling. It might take a while for them to get used to sleeping inside.

How Easy Is the SlumberPod Assembly?

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The SlumberPod is quite easy to set up for use. It does take a bit of getting used to in the beginning and will likely take you more than a few minutes to assemble.

In this section, we’ll tell you how to assemble the SlumberPod with ease.

Steps to Assemble the SlumberPod

  • Begin by assembling the tent poles. These are magnetic, so the ends of each pole will attach to the end of another pole.
  • Once you’ve attached your poles, push the first one into one of the pole pockets. Push the poles through the length of the pocket, bending the pole as needed.
  • In the end, it should fit in the bottom corner on the other side of the tent. Attach the plastic clips to secure them in place.
  • Now, push the other pole into the pockets on the other side. Like before, keep pushing it until it reaches the bottom. Attach clips and secure.

Your SlumberPod is now ready! You can go ahead and place it on the top of your child’s crib.

That said, if you’re planning on bringing it on a trip, it’d be wise to practice setting it up beforehand to avoid any unforeseen issues. You wouldn’t want to keep your tired child waiting for nap time.

One issue that’s common with the assembly process is that the tent poles might be a hassle to handle and keep awkwardly bumping everywhere, so have patience!

How Safe Is the SlumberPod?

Every parent is concerned about the safety of their child, and rightfully so. Let us put your mind at ease about using the SlumberPod.

It’s designed with safety in mind, and it’s passed all safety tests in the United States, Canada, and Europe. To begin with, the poles are sturdy to ensure they won’t collapse over the crib.

Also, the pod conforms with the consumer product safety commission. Not to mention, the mother-daughter team behind it has worked with safety development experts and has rigorously tested the product before launching it.

You can monitor your baby with the baby monitor pocket as well. Rest assured; you have absolutely nothing to worry about in the safety department.

Tips for Using the SlumberPod Effectively

Now, let’s take a look at some effective tips so that you can get the most out of your SlumberPod.

To get complete peace of mind about your baby’s safety, you should set up a baby monitor. The SlumberPod has a camera pocket that can be used to place the monitor inside.

You can also benefit from using a white noise machine or any sound machine to further create a calming effect. While the pod does reduce noise, adding white noise will enhance that effect.

Lastly, even though the brand offers a specialized fan for increased airflow, you can use your own fan if you feel that the pod’s ventilation windows aren’t enough for hot days. Bring a portable fan with you and place it in the fan pocket.

How Much Does the SlumberPod Cost, and Where Can You Buy One?

You can buy the SlumberPod on the official SlumberPod website. It’s available separately or in a combo deal with the SlumberPod fan included. Click here to see the prices and buy it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SlumberPod Machine Washable?

The pod is made from a blend of premium-grade polyester and spandex. This material can be spot cleaned if needed, but machine washing isn’t recommended.

What Age Is the SlumberPod Suitable For?

The SlumberPod is recommended for children between the ages of 4 months and 5 years. It’s important to note that the product isn’t suitable for babies younger than that, as they require extra care and precaution. As always, remember to follow the safety guidelines of the product closely.

How Do I Get My Child Used to the SlumberPod?

  • Start by practicing using the SlumberPod at home before going on a trip to give your child time to adjust to the new environment.
  • Use your child’s favorite bedding to make it more comforting.
  • Add a stuffed animal inside the pod so that it seems inviting.
  • Getting your child used to the SlumberPod may take time and effort, so be patient and considerate about the situation.


The SlumberPod is a one-of-a-kind sleep solution that has great benefits to offer to those who choose to use it. From its portability to its privacy, every feature is designed keeping the needs of your child and family in mind.

Whether it’s at grandma’s house or a hotel room, the SlumberPod will ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully!

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