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Popular One Syllable Guy Names (2023)

One Syllable Guy Names

If you’re looking for short boy names to call your newborn son, there are numerous one syllable guy names perfect for the little boy. While some of them have an Irish origin or Hebrew meaning, others are meant to portray Irish mythology or some Roman god. However, out of the wide selection of names for boys, your baby son deserves the best short first name of the bunch.

That’s why we dedicate this article to bringing you our favorite single syllable names hand-picked for your little guy. Continue reading to discover the best one syllable boy names, their meanings, and their origins.

Beautiful One Syllable Names for Baby Boy

First off, one syllable boy names aren’t as rare as you think. So before you decide what to name your baby boy, it’s best to inform yourself of your choices. Should it be a nature name, old English name, American English name, or French name, your boy’s name should carry more meaning than just a random one syllable word.

That’s why we chose the most beautiful names for boys out there, which will fit your baby son perfectly. Here are some options for charming one syllable boy names you should consider:

  • Beau – French for handsome
  • Cade – round, barrel
  • Cash – hollow
  • Chip – a son who takes after his father
  • Dax – leader
  • Gibbs – son of Gilbert
  • Guy – guide, leader
  • Jan (Scandinavian) – God is gracious
  • Miles – soldier
  • Moss – savior
  • Oak – oak tree
  • Pike – a spear
  • Ralph – a name with an English origin meaning red wolf, wolf counsel
  • Reese – fire, ardor
  • Ren – lotus
  • Roy – red, king
  • Scout – to listen
  • Stan – stone clearing
  • Tripp – one who tripped
  • Twain – divided in two
Popular Baby Boy Name

There are numerous popular baby names, but there are only a few one syllable ones that will fit your baby boy’s name perfectly. If you’re one of those cool parents who want their kid to carry a trendy name, you might consider something like Butch or Cassidy. However, numerous celebrity names only have one syllable, including Brad Pitt!

Without further stalling, here are some great one syllable trendy names you should consider for your baby boy:

  • Brent – holy one
  • Chad – protector
  • Chase – hunter
  • Cruz – cross
  • Gabe – hero of God
  • Grey – gray-haired
  • Jace – healer
  • Kyle – a narrow
  • Luke – light-giving
  • Nash – ash tree
  • Pax – peace
  • Pierce – rock
  • Reeve – bailiff
  • Rhett – advisor
  • Spike – heavy nail
  • Ward – watchman

Gender Neutral One Syllable Names

Since giving your young child a gender neutral name has become a widespread trend, we want to give you some great one syllable name options for your baby boy. That’s why we chose these names to perfectly fit both boys and girls. Check out our list to get inspired for a gender-neutral one syllable name:

  • Ari – eagle, lion
  • Ash – an ash tree that the Vikings used as a symbol of protection
  • Beck (German and Hebrew) – small stream
  • Brooke (English and German) – small stream
  • Brin – hill
  • Ellis – kind, benevolent
  • Finn (Irish) – fair
  • Jace (Greek) – to heal
  • Kai – sea, shell
  • Kim – golden, precious
  • Lou – renowned warrior
  • Max – greatest
  • Nori – peaceful
  • Rain – abundant blessing from above
  • Ray – protection
  • Remi – cure
  • Sam – told by God
  • Shay – admirable
  • Sky – cloud
  • Trace – find, discover
Unique One Syllable Boy Names

Unique One Syllable Boy Names

Those who want their baby boy to be distinctive from other friends should look into some unique names. Even though one syllable names for boys are already distinctive, your son still has various uncommon options. To save you from the trouble, here’s our list of the most unique one syllable boy names:

  • Ali – exalted
  • Alp – hero
  • Berne – strong as bear
  • Bliff – strike
  • Cope – cloak
  • Duke – leader
  • Faust – fortunate
  • Fox (Old English) – sly, cunning
  • Hayes – common English surname that means hedged area
  • Huck – corner
  • Jax – God is gracious
  • Kent – edge
  • Link – to bring together
  • Van – marsh
  • Wince – sharp bend in the river
  • York – town of wild boar

Biblical One Syllable Boy Names

Lots of parents look for one syllable boy names that will portray their religion. However, the most common religious baby boy names come from the Bible itself. That’s why we chose these one syllable boy names with Hebrew origins just for your baby boy. Here are some great options for a Biblical one syllable name:

  • Cain – acquired, spearer
  • James – supplanter
  • Job – persecuted
  • Joel – the Lord is God
  • John – God is gracious
  • Jude – praised
  • Mark – a sign
  • Paul – humble
  • Psalm – sacred song
  • Saul – prayed for
  • Shem – fame
Mythological Boy Name

Mythological One Syllable Boy Names and Their Meanings

Now that we’ve gone over the Biblical one syllable boy names, it’s only appropriate to give some examples of mythological one syllable baby boy names. The most common ones derive from various ancient gods and carry powerful symbolic meanings behind them. Without further stalling, here are some great examples of mythological one syllable boy names:

  • Áed (Irish) – fire
  • An (Sumerian) – supreme Sumerian god of heaven
  • Ask (Norse) – the first man created by the gods, ash tree
  • Bor (Norse) – Odin’s father
  • Bran (Welsh) – Son of Welsh god Llyr carrying the meaning raven
  • Dwyn (Celtic) – god of love
  • Freyr (Norse) – god of fertility
  • Ing (Germanic) – god of fertility
  • Llyr (Welsh) – god of the sea
  • Ra (Egyptian) – the sun god
  • Tane (Maori) – god of forests
  • Thor (Norse) – god of strength and storms, thunder
  • Thoth (Egyptian) – god of the moon, science, and magic
  • Zeus – (Greek) – god of the sky

Best One Syllable Nickname for Boys

If you decide on using some longer names, there are still numerous options for a one syllable baby boy nickname. However, make sure to pick a creative short form of your boy’s name since they usually last for a lifetime. Here are our top picks for a one syllable boy nickname:

  • Art – Celtic word for bear and short for Arthur
  • Ben (Hebrew) – short for Benjamin
  • Bob (Germanic) – bright flame
  • Butch – masculine
  • Bram (Hebrew) — short for Abraham
  • Chuck – a free man
  • Cliff – short for Clifford
  • Dan (Hebrew) – short for Daniel
  • Dom – short for Dominic
  • Ike (Hebrew) – short for Isaac
  • Joe – short for Joseph
  • Kid – young goat
  • Sharps – a smart person
  • Shel – short for Sheldon

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Nickname for Boys


In conclusion, there’s a wide variety of single syllable boy names for your newborn son. Now that we’ve gone over some great examples, it’s up to you to make the final decision. No matter what you choose, we believe you’ll find the perfect one syllable name for your baby boy.

Whether it be a one syllable religious name, a Hebrew name, or a popular first name, remember that there’s great meaning behind that one word, and your son will be honored to have it. Furthermore, you can make your little one stand out from the crowd by picking some one syllable boy names or honor an ancient culture by picking a mythological one syllable boy’s name.

Last but not least, we hope this article helps inspire you to choose a one syllable boy name that’ll fit your baby boy perfectly!

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