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How To Make Breast Milk Jewelry

How To Make Breast Milk Jewelry

There are all kinds of pieces of jewelry you can get that will constantly remind you of the beautiful act of motherhood, whether it’s something like a locket with a picture of your child or a bracelet engraved with their name.

However, one of the most personal pieces of jewelry you can get to celebrate motherhood is breast milk jewelry. 

Breast milk jewelry is exactly what it sounds like, with your breast milk or formula getting incorporated into the stone of a piece of jewelry and forever presenting you with a reminder of those early stages of motherhood.

While you can buy breast milk jewelry from various places, with you sending them a secure sample, you can actually make your own instead – which makes the jewelry even more special!

But how do you make it?

We’ve got the answers for you! In our handy guide below, we’ve got a complete explanation of how to make your own breast milk jewelry, as well as information on all the supplies you’ll need to do so. Read on!

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry?

Before we get into the process of how to make your own breast milk jewelry, it’s worth getting into more depth about what this particular type of jewelry actually is.

As we touched on in the introduction, breast milk jewelry is made with either your breast milk or the formula you used to feed your baby.

You might be wondering how a liquid could be safely encased in jewelry. On top of that, you might also be wondering how the milk or formula doesn’t go off over time. 

Thankfully, by creating a special mixture with the breast milk/formula, then later adding some well-mixed resin, you’ll get a unique mixture that will endure the passage of time and keep in a good state so that your jewelry remains as gorgeous as the day you made it.

Of course, all the specifics of this process will be covered soon!

Additionally, breast milk jewelry can come in all kinds of different forms, as you would expect. You can have a breast milk necklace, a breast milk bracelet, a breast milk ring, and so on!

The breast milk stone remains largely the same, but you can use it in all these different styles to find something exactly to your liking.

What Does A Breast Milk Jewelry Stone Look Like? 

The stone (or the “bead”) for breast milk jewelry is the constant between all variations, as you’ve just learned. However, what does the breast milk stone actually look like?

Quite dreamy, you’ll be happy to know! A soft cream color, the breast milk stone looks exactly as you might expect from something that involves milk and resin.

However, you can customize your breast milk stone in many ways while making it, so that it’s even more visually appealing and unique. 

For example, you could add some kind of glitter into the mix for a magical sparkle. Similarly, adding silver leaf would provide extra elegance.

Additionally, including mica will color it a bit more. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is up to you!

Why Is Breast Milk Jewelry Special?

The reason that breast milk jewelry is becoming increasingly popular is because it gives you something that celebrates motherhood – but is also intrinsically bound to the process, with the jewelry being totally personal to you.

While an engraved bracelet is personal, breast milk jewelry literally contains a part of you. Or, if you’re using formula instead, it contains something you nursed your baby with during early motherhood. 

This personal touch, plus the stylish appearance, helps make breast milk jewelry something truly special.

How To Make Breast Milk Jewelry

How To Make Breast Milk Jewelry

We’re going to teach you how to make a breast milk ring, but you can apply the practice to other types of jewelry. 

What Do You Need?

  • Fresh breast milk OR formula 
  • A blank ring
  • Epoxy Resin from Unicone Art 
  • A ring holder
  • Small cups for mixing
  • Sticks for mixing
  • Cornstarch
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic


  • Mica (as colorant)
  • Silver or gold leaf

Step One: Mixing

To begin with, get your small cup and add equal amounts of breast milk (or formula) with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Be careful about how much you’re mixing – you will only want to use as much as the size of stone/bead you want requires.

Step Two: Cornstarch

After mixing the two equal portions, add about ⅛th of a teaspoon of your cornstarch to the mix. Continue mixing and adding another ⅛th it until you’ve got something akin to a thick paste.

Step Three: Optional Additions

Now you have a paste, you’re at the point where you can add extra things to liven up the style further. These are up to you!

You can add things like silver or gold leaf to add elegance, or mica to help enrich the colors. Mix them well!

Step Four: Filling The Mold

After that, get your mixture and pour it into the mold you’re using for the ring. If you have a large mold, it’s more likely that the eventually-dried mixture will crack.

Additionally, remember that the mixture will shrink a little as it dries, so accommodate for that.

Leave to dry for 72 hours.

Step Five: Sanding And Drying

Remove it from the mold, then sand it with a fine file. 

After that, leave it to dry on its own for 4 weeks. In more humid areas, leave it longer!

Step Six: Resin

Next, mix your resin according to the bottle’s instructions. Then pour a little into your ring blank, before adding the stone itself, and then topping it with more resin. Add plenty! It needs to surround the stone. 

With a lighter, burn away any surface bubbles on the resin. 

Finally, leave it to cure for as long as the resin bottle says!

Final Thoughts

Breast milk jewelry is an extremely personal and unique way to celebrate motherhood – make your own with our handy guide!

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