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How To Dress Baby For Sleep

How To Dress Baby For Sleep

As much of a blessing as it is when a new baby comes into the family, it’s no secret that getting to grips with looking after a baby can be quite overwhelming and stressful.

You have to monitor everything they are doing, from eating all the way to sleep, and if this is your first time, you might need a bit of extra help. 

One thing that really stumps new parents is working out the right way to dress their baby for sleep. While it might seem like a minefield trying to work it out, it’s actually a lot more simple than you might think! 

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about how to dress your baby for sleep. Most of looking after and caring for your baby is repetition and practice, so having the right advice from the start will help you out too! 

How To Dress Baby For Sleep

How To Dress Baby For Sleep

There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when it comes to appropriately dressing your baby, but as long as you know what they are, you will be able to work out how to dress your baby with no issues at all. 

A lot of caring for babies comes down to instincts and intuition, so with the advice, we have provided here, you will be a pro at bedtime in no time at all. 

Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration when dressing your baby for sleep

Baby’s Temperature

Your baby’s temperature is going to be a big factor in how you dress them for bed. Babies often have cold hands and feet, so if this applies to your baby, don’t jump the gun and dress them in more layers!

The cold hands and feet thing isn’t actually a good indication when it comes to your baby’s overall temperature. 

The best way to work out your baby’s overall temperature is by feeling their back or tummies. If they are cold in these areas, then chances are they are actually cold! If they are hot in these areas, you may want to consider fewer layers when it comes to putting them to bed. 

Dress Your Baby In Layers 

It’s always in your best interest to dress your baby in layers. You want to make sure the layers are fitted rather than just using something like thick pajamas. This is a better method to use because if they get too hot or too cold, you can just add or remove the layers when it is appropriate. 

Use the tummy and back trick to keep an eye on their overall temperature. Start with their diaper as their first layer, followed by a small baby vest. You can then add a set of fitted pajamas, and if needed, add a baby grow that is specific for sleep and finally, their quilt or blanket

Keep Hats Off For BedTime

While they might look adorable in their little baby hats or beanies, they can actually be quite detrimental to the baby’s health when it comes to bedtime.

Babies release heat through their heads and faces, and if you put a hat or beanie on them for bed, they will have a much harder time releasing that heat. 

Keep hats and beanies off completely for bedtime and just save them for the daytime. If they do fall asleep with a hat or beanie on, they can quickly overheat, which will lead to lots of restlessness and crying and you will have a harder time putting them to bed. 

Room Temperature

Finally, you need to keep an eye on the room temperature as well. You can work out how to dress your baby for bed depending on the temperature of the room. Use the room temperature as a guide if you are unsure of what to do. 

You can use a heater or a fan to regulate the temperature of the room if you need to, but make sure you only have these appliances on when the baby is not in the room.

When you plan to put the baby down, make sure these appliances are turned off. 

Baby Sleeping Bags

One of the most popular options for sleep when it comes to babies is baby sleeping bags. When you have one that is the right size for your baby, it can keep them comfortable while they sleep, without the need to keep your baby’s head and face covered. 

You need to make sure that the baby’s sleeping bag is the correct size for your baby, or it can be quite dangerous.

Make sure that it is impossible for your baby to slip down into the sleeping bag and make sure that their face cannot be covered.

If you are worried the sleeping bag is the wrong size, buy another one that is a smaller size. 

Baby Wrapping

Wrapping is another popular choice when it comes to sleep for babies as it helps them settle down and ready for bed and it keeps them in a safe sleeping position.

If you would rather use a baby wrap, then the best and most recommended type you should use is lightweight cotton or muslin wrap.

It is very important that you make sure that the wrap cannot go over your baby’s shoulders and it cannot cover your baby’s head, face, ears, or chin. If the wrap is too high, it can harm your baby’s ability to breathe and can also cause overheating. 

You also need to make sure the wrap has enough room for your baby to stretch their legs and it can’t be too tight on your baby’s hips and chest. 


Getting your baby ready for bed can be quite stressful and challenging if you are a new parent, but there is plenty of help for you to find out there!

Use this guide to dress your baby for bed, without having to worry about your baby overheating or getting into a dangerous situation.

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