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Graco Extend2fit Review: Best Convertible Car Seat

Children are quite vulnerable in an auto crash because their neck muscles are still developing. So, when they’re in a forward-facing position, a neck sprain is far more severe than when they’re rear-facing.

As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advise caregivers and parents to place children in rear-facing car seats until they exceed the limits. This implies that your baby will likely use their car seat until they turn 4 years of age.

Since most car seats for infants have a weight limit of 30 lb, purchasing a higher-limit, rear-facing convertible car seat is a significant investment.

After hours of in-depth research, I discovered that one of Graco’s car seats, Extend2fit, offers an impressive weight limit for a rear-facing child. So, in this Graco Extend2fit review, I’ll share my experiences (good and not-so-good) about the product.

The information should help you make an informed decision when looking to buy a convertible car seat for your child.

Graco Extend2fit Overview

Graco is a well-known brand in the car seat industry with a track record of prioritizing safety. Its Extend2fit convertible car seat has a weight limit of 50 lb, which is safe for rear-facing up to age 4. This is the best I’ve seen so far in terms of rear-facing limits.

You may be concerned about your child’s legs because they grow taller after their second birthday. This shouldn’t be a challenge because Graco Extend2fit convertible car seat has an adjustable extension panel that provides additional leg room for your child.

I found this design unique as it accommodates my child’s growth, supports their head, and ensures comfortable rear-facing for a longer period. Although it doesn’t fit into a stroller, you can check out these car seat stroller options.


Here’s what I like about Graco Extend2fit convertible car seat:

  • The car seat is versatile as it functions as a rear-facing seat for a preschooler and transitions into a forward-facing car seat.
  • Because of its compact size, the rear-facing mode offers moderate leg room for tall front passengers, even when the leg extender is out.
  • The car seat has a reasonable price point and doesn’t compromise on the quality of materials used.
  • Whether you’re using the car seat in a rear-facing position or as a forward-facing seat, the installation process is easy. It has guides and an indicator that tells you when you’ve correctly installed it.
  • Instead of metal clips, Graco Extend2fit uses a LATCH system, which provides a sturdier anchor and is easy to operate.
  • The rear-facing position can accommodate a child weighing up to 50 lb, a weight that most car seats can’t accommodate in this mode.
  • Graco passes its car seats through a crash test. It gives me peace knowing that the Graco Extend2fit car seat passed the test, meeting the federal safety standard.
  • The car seat is easy to clean and maintain. I tossed the seat fabric into my washing machine and ran a delicate cycle with cold water and mild soap. It came out clean with the colors intact. Also, the harness requires spot cleaning, which shouldn’t take so much time.


Here’s what I don’t like about Graco Extend2fit car seat:

  • The seat pad was easy to remove, but after washing the fabric, it became difficult to put it back on.
  • Unlike other tightening methods like a center pull and self-ratcheting, the strap for tightening Graco Extend2fit car seat is one-sided, which poses a challenge during installation.
  • Switching from the rear-facing mode to the forward-facing position was quite a pain. I had to take out almost everything on the outer layer of the fabric, which had anchors at several points.
  • When I extended the headrest to its full height, it blocked my rear window view. But you may be able to see if your vehicle ceiling is higher.
  • Graco Extend2fit car seat is wide, which makes it comfortable for my baby. But I couldn’t install more than 2 car seats to accommodate another back seat passenger.
  • The cup holder is a square shape, which makes it a misfit for my children’s round cups and water bottles.


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  • Product dimensions: 19.5″ (W) x 23.5″ (H) x 21.5″ (D)
  • Product weight: 19 lb
  • Weight recommendation: 4 – 65 lb
  • Recommended maximum height: 49″
  • Rear-facing child weight: 4 – 50 lb
  • Front-facing child weight: 22 – 65 lb
  • Lifespan: 10 years after the manufacturing date

Key Features of the Graco Extend2fit Convertible Car Seat

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Now, let’s have an in-depth look at its main features.


Graco Extend2fit convertible car seat features an adjustable extension panel that provides additional legroom up to 5″ for your little one to stretch their growing feet. It also keeps them content since they’re rear-facing in the back seat. My kids like tapping their feet to make music while we’re on the move, so they hardly get bored.

The panel has 4 positions, but the first one is already retracted. So, you can use positions 2 to 4 if your child weighs up to 40 lb. I’m yet to see another company that provides an extension panel.

Additionally, Graco Extend2fit car seat comes with two square cup holders. I had to get fitting water bottles for this purpose since the round ones won’t match. However, the square cup holders do provide a safe place for water, drinks, and snacks and help to contain spills.


Graco Extend2fit seats were passed through a real-life car crash test and the children came out unhurt. I trust this product because the company goes beyond the federal safety standards to carry out a combination of more rigorous tests, such as rollover, frontal, rear, and side crashes.

Moreover, the company includes an additional crash test based on the NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program and extreme interior car temperature. This is because temperature changes can affect the structural integrity of a material.

Additionally, Graco Extend2fit convertible seat has a steel reinforced frame, and the seat cushion and head pillow are adequately padded and sturdy. When I tested it with my kids, I stepped on the brake suddenly and they were still comfortably seated.

Daily Functionality

Let me break this down into several points.


Graco Extend2fit utilizes the patented Simply Safe Adjust harness system to adjust shoulder heights, and it doesn’t require any rethreading. It has 10 settings; the lowest offers a height of 7″, while the highest setting is 17.5″. Also, you can use the crotch strap setting to get a more suitable fit.

With a simple lever, I could push up or down to adjust both the headrest and the harness at the same time. You’ll hear an audible click each time you adjust the height.

So as your child grows, you can make the necessary adjustments without difficulty. And to prevent the harness from getting in the way when you’re placing your child on the seat, Graco Extend2fit has harness storage on both sides.

LATCH System

To make installation easy, the seat uses an InRight LATCH system. It has a push button and within a few seconds, I could attach it to my vehicle’s lower anchor. Detaching it was as easy as pressing your seat belt’s red button to disengage.

Recline Indicator

It’s not enough to buy a convertible seat; you should also ensure that it’s properly positioned. As a result, Graco Extend2fit car seat has a level indicator that tells you when the seat is in the correct position. The recline position has 6 settings: 1 – 4 for rear-facing and 4 – 6 for forward-facing.

For infants (0 – 3 months), the recline position should be around the light blue zone of the indicator, while children above 3 months can stay reclined around the dark blue zone of the indicator. However, if your child weighs 40 lb, you can place them in a forward-facing position and recline at 5 or 6, which is the orange zone.


Graco Extend2fit convertible car seat is attractive. It features three color sets: pink and black, blue and gray, and black and gray. This allows you to choose colors that are suitable for a baby boy or girl or stay neutral to suit all genders.


You can install the seat using the LATCH system or your vehicle’s seat belt. The LATCH system was pretty easy for me because I didn’t have to call for a helping hand.

The seat belt method, on the other hand, was quite challenging because of the narrow belt path. Also, you’ll need some stamina to pull up the belt, ensuring the seat doesn’t move more than an inch sideways and back and front.

Rear-Facing Installation

All that’s required is to pull out the straps of the LATCH connectors and look for your vehicle’s lower anchors in the back seat. Ensure the connectors are positioned appropriately: broad at the top and narrow at the bottom like a stapler, then connect them to the anchors. Afterward, pull the tail of the strap to get a snug fit.

Unless you’re buying the seat for a forward-facing child, the LATCH strap is set in the rear-facing pathway, so you don’t have to change anything. Also, you can install the seat on your vehicle’s middle seating position if your vehicle manufacturer permits it and the anchors are 11″ apart.

If you’re using your vehicle’s seat belt for the rear-facing installation, pull it all the way to get a full slack, then pass the strap through the rear-facing belt pathway. When it comes out on the other side, buckle it and then let go of the slack as tight as you can. Once there’s no wiggle room, it shows that your installation is successful.

Forward-facing Installation

For the forward-facing position, you have to put away the leg extender and the harness covers, as they’re only required for rear-facing seats. Also, you have to change the position of the crotch strap to suit the forward-facing mode.

I figured out that the installation process for both the LATCH straps and seat belt straps is the same as the rear-facing. The only difference is that I anchored the top tether to the seat cushion to prevent it from tipping forward.

Whether you’re rear-facing or forward-facing, it’s important to ensure that you read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly, including that of your car, to know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

And if you don’t feel confident installing car seats, you’re not alone. Even some grandmas consider it rocket science. However, you can get help from a certified child passenger safety technician or visit the nearest car seat fitting station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Graco Extend2fit a Booster Seat?

The standard Graco Extend2fit doesn’t transition into a booster seat and you can’t attach it to your stroller. However, Extend2fit has other versions that feature a booster seat, such as the 3-in-1 and All-in-one.

Is Graco Extend2fit Good for Newborns?

The seat is designed to accommodate small babies weighing 4 lb in the rear-facing position. It also comes with a head pillow and body support. However, you should make sure that the height of the harness is below or at your baby’s shoulders. Otherwise, you should get a dedicated infant car seat or wait until your newborn weighs 7 or 8 lb.


Graco Extend2fit convertible car seats are great for keeping children safe and comfortable during long rides. They offer premium features at an affordable price, including a variety of colors and machine-washable seat fabric that makes maintenance less of a chore.

Overall, if you want your child to sit in a rear-facing position for an extended period, Graco Extend2fit is your best bet. The installation process is straightforward, allowing you to switch to a forward-facing position when your child is ready.

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