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Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is an exciting event to be invited to.

After all, you’ll be finding out the birth gender of the future baby of some close-friends. You’ll also be sharing in the love with a crowd of people and discovering the answer in a typically-inventive manner.

However, do you need to bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

The short answer is that the choice is up to you. Not everybody will bring a gift to a gender reveal party, but it’ll be a nice gesture from you if you do, so it’s always worth it.

However, it’s best that your gift is for the parents. rather than the baby. This is because the baby’s gifts will be presented at the baby shower instead.

There’s plenty more to learn about the act of bringing gifts to a gender reveal party though, and we’ve got all the answers in our handy guide below!

So, Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

As we touched on in the intro, not everyone brings a gift to a gender reveal party.

For this reason, it can be a little confusing as to whether you’re supposed to or not, and this can add a lot of unnecessary stress leading up to the event. 

The truth is that there’s no definitive answer! Some people will bring a gift to the gender reveal party, and some won’t.

With that being said, a gift is always appreciated, and it’s especially a good idea to bring a gift if you’re very close to the expectant parents.

On top of that, there may even be information about whether to bring gifts or not printed on the gender reveal invite card. As a result, check and follow that!

Who Is The Gift For At A Gender Reveal Party?

Another point of confusion that makes people hesitate as to whether to bring a gift to gender reveal parties is the fact of who the gift is actually for. Is it for the baby, the parents, or for both? 

Well, the answer is that the gift should be for the parents-to-be. This is because the gifts for the baby should be saved for the baby shower. 

However, it might be the case that the gender reveal party has been combined with the baby shower. In this case, it’s best to get a gift for the parents and a separate gift for the baby! 

What Type Of Gift To Bring To A Gender Reveal Party

When it comes to picking out a gift to present the future parents with at the gender reveal party, there are a few different roads you can go down.

There are no rules when it comes to these things, so you have plenty of flexibility and a great chance to get the special couple something they’ll love.

Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

Personalized Gifts

On the one hand, you can get them a personal gift that’s more to do with the couple than the baby.

Since the baby will receive presents from the baby shower, the gender reveal party gifts don’t necessarily have to be orientated towards the incoming child.

Instead, it can be about the couple themselves, and be something you know they’ll love and enjoy.

For example, get them something to do with their hobbies. Perhaps they have a favorite movie series or TV show?

Perhaps you could get them a DVD of the movie they saw on their first date? Or a book that they both love? There’s plenty of flexibility, and the more personal it is, the more they’ll appreciate it. 

General Shared Gifts

On the other hand, you can get the couple something they’ll enjoy together that isn’t necessarily so personalized.

For example, you can get the couple a gift basket full of food and drinks to enjoy.

Similarly, you can get them tickets to an activity to do together, like a tree-top adventure course, a spa day, a shopping trip, and more.

Individual Gifts

You can also get gifts for the couple to enjoy individually. For this, you’d get something that you know the dad will love, and you’d get a different thing catered to the mom.

Gifts For The Parents And Baby

Finally, you can get a gift that the parents will be able to share with their baby. This is a very sweet idea, and it captures the concept of family before the baby has even arrived, helping to build excitement and love.

For example, you can get an activity, toy, or game for parents and babies, which will then have the special honor of being one of the first things that the parents bond with their new baby over.

Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

We’ve just given you plenty of types of presents that you can bring to the gender reveal party, which can understandably be pretty overwhelming!

As a result, we’ve got some great examples of gifts to help make the decision easier for you.

Personalized Gifts Ideas

When we spoke about personalized gifts earlier, they were all to do with hobbies or memories personal to the parents.

However, you can always personalize gifts in a different sense. We’ll show you what we mean…

For example, you can get T-shirts for the parents, each personalized to them.

On the mom’s shirt you can have “Mom” written on it, along with the year that she’ll earn that special title (once the baby has been born!) Similarly, you can have “Dad” printed on the dad’s shirt.

And if shirts aren’t your thing? You can have them printed on mugs, pillow cases, pajamas, and more!

Parent And Baby Gift Ideas

There are plenty of sweet gifts you can get for the parents to enjoy with their baby, but the one of the sweetest would be a family photoshoot. 

Final Thoughts

Gifts aren’t required for a gender reveal party, but they’re a good thing to bring. Use our guide to find the right gift!

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