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Best Gifts For Newborns

A new baby is one of the most exciting prospects in life, and definitely a cause for gift-giving! The perfect gift can be an amazing way to welcome a new arrival into the world, and can be something they and their family can cherish forever.


Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Baby Blanket

Gentle on skin

Can personalize the blanket

Best For Activities

Lovevery Play Gym And Play Mat

Activities that foster exploration and growth


Made of baby safe materials

Best For Memorabilia

Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book


Printed with eco-friendly soy-based inks

Best For Travel

Kibou Black Vegan Leather Diaper Bag

Extendable strap

Waterproof pockets

Detachable changing pad

Best For Safekeep

Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box

Custom-dyed fabric lined with acid-free paper

Includes hand written labels

Best Gifts For Newborns

There are many gift ideas out there for newborn babies, and it can be hard to know where to start and easy to become overwhelmed by the choices on offer. But this is where we come in!

Below, you’ll find some of the best gifts for newborns, as well as a buyer’s guide to give you more inspiration when shopping for gifts.

What Should You Consider When Buying Gifts For Newborns?

While you are technically buying a gift for the baby, since they are yet to develop any interests, it can be hard to know what to buy!

So if you would like to buy a themed gift, then it’s best to focus on the parent(s)’s interests, or you can focus on a gift that promotes essential developmental skills, and that is engaging and fosters curiosity in the baby from a young age.

Best Gifts For Newborn Reviews

Now that we know the main thing to keep in mind when shopping for gifts for newborns, let’s take a look at 9 amazing gift ideas for newborn babies.

1. Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Baby Blanket

Our Take

Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Baby Blanket is made of an ultra-soft chamois fabric, every newborn should have this in their stroller! It’s incredibly gentle on their skin, and is sure to keep them cozy and warm on walks.

Best ForComfort
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Made of an ultra-soft chamois fabric, every newborn should have this in their stroller! It’s incredibly gentle on their skin, and is sure to keep them cozy and warm on walks.

There are also six colors to choose from, and to make the gift even more special you can personalize the blanket with the baby’s name.

Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Baby Blanket


  • Made of soft fabric.
  • Comes in six colors.
  • You can personalize the gift to make it more unique.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • It only comes in one size.

2. Lovevery Play Gym Activity Gym And Play Mat

Our Take

This play-gym is beloved by many parents and is definitely value for money. It has five developmental zones and has a guide for age appropriate activities.

Best ForActivities
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This play-gym is beloved by many parents and is definitely value for money. It has five developmental zones and has a guide for age appropriate activities.

As the baby grows, the parents can alter the features of the gym to encourage motor skills or cognitive skills.

Plus, the side flaps fold up to turn the mat into a tent, and the four detachable toys included in the gym provide additional fun.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s easy to clean too! The mat is made of a polyester material that is machine-washable.

Lovevery Play Gym Activity Gym And Play Mat


  • Encourages motor skills and cognitive skills.
  • The mat is machine-washable.
  • The gym is easy to set up and also easy to store.
  • Comes with useful extras like a play guide and detachable toys.


  • It is one of the more expensive items on our list.

3. Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book

Our Take

This is a cute memory book that parents can fill with their baby’s first footprints, birthday photos, and photos or tokes commemorating other big milestones.

Best ForMemorabilia
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This gift is perfect for giving new parents a great way to remember each special moment in their baby’s life with a wonderfully crafted memory book suitable for all genders.

The book has 48 pages, and even includes a section for pre-baby memories too.

This is a cute memory book that parents can fill with their baby’s first footprints, birthday photos, and photos or tokes commemorating other big milestones.

Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book


  • The gift is gender-neutral.
  • Has plenty of pages.
  • The gift is made out of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Has a pre-baby memory section too.


  • Some customers have found that the photo sections are quite small.

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4. Kibou Black Vegan Leather Diaper Bag

Our Take

For a small bag, it packs a lot in! What’s more, it’s made of lightweight vegan leather, and is an amazing hands-free diaper bag for parents.

Best ForTravel
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This luxurious diaper bag is part diaper bag and part fanny pack, and is incredibly useful. It has a changing pad built-in, a waterproof pocket for wet wipes, a keyring, and even a credit card holder.

For a small bag, it packs a lot in! What’s more, it’s made of lightweight vegan leather, and is an amazing hands-free diaper bag for parents.

Kibou Black Vegan Leather Diaper Bag


  • It has many handy features in such a small bag, like a built-in changing pad.
  • The wet wipes pocket is waterproof.
  • The bag is made of vegan leather.


  • Might some find the bag too small for a diaper bag.

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5. Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box

Our Take

This innovative and versatile gift is a great way for parents to organize and treasure items from their baby’s newborn months.

Best ForSafekeep
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This innovative and versatile gift is a great way for parents to organize and treasure items from their baby’s newborn months.

It has two drawers, two caddies, and seven compartments will help parents organize important paperwork, baby clothes, and items such as first baby teeth more easily.

The hand-illustrated labels are not only beautiful but make organizing newborn baby items so much simpler.

Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box


  • It has plenty of storage space.
  • Makes organizing important items easier.
  • Small and compact.
  • Beautifully illustrated labels.


  • Some may not like the neutral colors.

6. aden + anais Dream Blanket

aden + anais Dream Blanket

Ideal for tummy time and playtime, this blanket is guaranteed to be a cozy favorite a baby will reach for, for years to come.

At 47 x 47 inches, the blanket is a great size for newborn babies, and it’s available in over 30 patterns and styles, so you have a lot of choice!

It’s perfect whether you want to give a gift that is colorful, minimalist, or gender-neutral


  • Has a wide variety of colors and patterns available.
  • Soft and cozy.
  • The blanket is a generous size.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • The blanket easily snags.

7. UGG Bixbie Bootie

UGG Bixbee Bootie

No need to worry about misplaced baby socks! These soft and cozy UGG Bixbie booties are sure to keep the baby’s feet nice and warm!

They have a hook-and-loop closure to keep them securely on their feet while being simple for parents to slip on and off. They’re not only functional, but fashionable too, and are available in six colors.


  • The booties have a secure hook-and-loop closure.
  • They’re guaranteed to keep a baby’s feet nice and warm.
  • They’re available in a range of sizes and colors.
  • They’re simple for parents to take on and off, but not so easy for babies to kick off.


  • These booties are not suitable for outdoor wear.

8. 7AM Enfant The Cub Set Teddy Mitten & Hat

7AM Enfant The Cub Set Teddy Mitten & Hat

This adorable teddy hat and mitten gift set will make a newborn even more cuddly!

It comes with a soft plush lining so they’re always cozy, while the adjustable two-snap neck closure makes sure the hat is always secure and comfortable.

Plus, the mittens have snaps so they can be easily stored, while the wrist elastics provide additional security.

Although the 0-6 months size is ideal for babies born in the winter and fall, there are bigger sizes for babies born in the spring and summer.


  • The hat and mittens and machine-washable.
  • They are gender-neutral.
  • The wrist elastic on the mittens provides extra security.
  • Available in a range of sizes other than newborn sizes.


  • They’re not ideal for very cold weather.

9. Honest Diaper Cake

Honest Diaper Cake

This cute diaper cake is sure to steal the show at a baby shower, and includes a few several nursery necessities, such as body wash and shampoo, body and face lotion, organic all-purpose balm, plant-based baby wipes, hypoallergenic baby laundry detergent, and – of course – 35 environmentally friendly diapers made from sustainably harvest tree pulp.

However, the diapers are designed for babies weighing 8-14 lbs, so parents with smaller newborns will have to wait to be able to use them. But they can still use the additional items in the gift set, of course.


  • Ideal gift for a baby shower.
  • It has many essential baby items.
  • The items are made from safe, natural ingredients.
  • Environmentally-friendly.


  • The diapers don’t fit smaller newborns.

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How To Choose The Perfect Gift For A Newborn

The best gifts for newborns are those that serve an essential purpose in their early days, and that they can keep and cherish for years to come.

Let’s take a look at a few important factors to consider when buying a unique baby gift.

Consider How Unique The Gift Is

You should keep an eye out for memorable newborn gifts that can be personalized, either with the baby’s name or colors that match the scheme of the nursery.

Customization and personalization are perfect ways to make a gift more memorable.


If the parent(s) had a baby shower ahead of their little one’s arrival, then they may already have a lot of essential items, therefore focusing on practicality may not be necessary.

However, you can combine the sentimental and the practical with a gift set. They are an amazing option for useful, pre-selected baby gifts. Plus, a lot of gift sets already come beautifully packaged so you don’t have to worry about wrapping them.

Each time parents look at their newborn gifts, they’ll immediately be reminded of those special first days of their baby’s life.

Of course, a newborn isn’t going to remember the moment they received a gift, they will still cherish these heirlooms throughout their childhood.

Newborn Checklist: What Every Newborn (And Parent) Needs

Sleep Gifts

Sleep is one of the biggest concerns for new parents, but while disruption to sleep is a big topic of conversation, few people talk about the items you can get ahead of time to nurture the baby’s sleep.

Let’s take a look at some sleep-related gifts you can get new parents to make those long nights easier.

  • Humidifier: This helps keep the air moisturized, and many doctors recommend getting a cool mist humidifier for a nursery if the air in the room is particularly dry. These also come in handy for when babies have colds or coughs, as overly dry air can make these issues worse.
  • Mobile: A colorful mobile will help entertain a little one and lull them into sleep. A mobile that has a range of shapes and bright colors (especially red, as it’s the first color baby’s can perceive) is recommended.
  • A music player/white-noise machine: White noise replicates the sound the baby would’ve heard in the womb and can help a newborn baby adjust to the world outside the womb, which can help them fall asleep quicker.

Gifts For Playtime

Toys and baby gear are usually the first things people think of when buying baby gifts!

  • Toy basket: While a toy basket isn’t an essential gift, babies tend to get a lot of toys, so this is a great gift for storage.
  • Baby bouncer: These have a lot in common with baby swings, but they need the baby’s legs to move to make it bounce. A bouncer allows parents to get things done while keeping their baby close, safe, and entertained. They have minimum and maximum weight limits, so it’s important to buy one that is suitable for a newborn.
  • Baby swing: These swings vibrate or sway to help soothe little ones. Unlike a bouncer, a swing normally moves without a newborn baby having to prompt movement by kicking their legs. Rather, the parent turns to swing on and it vibrates or sways. It’s important to keep in mind that baby swings have a minimum and maximum weight light, so make sure to pick one that is suitable for a newborn. Plus, some swings have toys hanging overhead, while some play music or make other sounds.
  • Toys: While newborns won’t get much out of toys yet, toys like simple rattles or colorful picture books might be useful. Soft toys, push-pull toys, stacking toys, and busy boxes packed with exciting features can be a good choice for older babies. Of course, you need to make sure that any toy you buy has no small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Clothing Gifts

Shopping for adorable, newborn baby clothes can be so much fun, and are a great gift option!

However, newborns tend to grow out of their clothes quickly (sometimes they can grow out of their clothes in a matter of days), so you may want to buy bigger clothes so they can get some wear out of them.

As well as being cute, newborn clothes are an important item that new parents will no doubt be grateful for.

  • Swaddle blanket: Many parents like to swaddle their baby within the first few weeks, and so buying a blanket specifically for swaddling can be a great gift. Although receiving blankets are useful, you can also explore other options such as a blanket that has a hook-and-loop fastener that is more convenient.
  • Pajamas or sleeping sacks: Newborn babies spend a lot of their time sleeping, so sleepwear would be an ideal gift. Whatever kind of sleepwear you choose as a gift, we recommend choosing a style that covers the baby’s feet, and sleeping sacks and sleepers cover a baby’s feet by default. Some sleeping sacks are also designed for pajamas to be worn underneath.
  • Onesies and undershirts: Some styles have snap closures between the legs, which makes diaper changing easier. It might be good to think about the time of year when buying a onesie or undershirt as your present. If it’s winter, pick a onesie with long sleeves, if it’s summer, pick a onesie with short sleeves. If it’s cold, buy a onesie that will cover the baby’s feet and legs, and if it’s warm, buy one that exposes the baby’s legs a little to keep them cool.
  • T-shirts: T-shirts are a great gift for newborns, especially if they can be personalized!
  • Leggings: Leggings are a great gift, as they are not only comfortable but stretchy too so a baby can get a lot of wear out of them.
  • Jacket or sweater: A sweater or jacket is the perfect gift to keep a newborn baby warm! Parents might appreciate jackets or cardigans as they are easier to remove than pull-over sweaters, and can be left open to cool their baby down when needed.
  • Booties or socks: It might not be wise to buy ‘real’ shoes for a newborn yet, as they don’t really need these until they start walking outside. But booties or socks are great footwear gifts.
  • Hats: A hat with a brim is a great gift for a summer baby as it will protect them from the sun, while a knit hat or cap will be suitable for a winter baby to keep their head nice and warm.
  • Snowsuit: This is another great cold-weather gift for a winter baby, and some even come with mittens attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Bring A Gift When You Visit A Newborn Baby?

Although bringing a gift when visiting a newborn baby isn’t required, it is a nice gesture that the parent(s) are sure to appreciate.

Taking care of a newborn baby is stressful and time-consuming, so a gift for a new arrival can be really beneficial for parent(s) during a busy time.

Plus, as we have seen, newborns require a lot of stuff, so parents appreciate gifts because they’re less of a strain on their budget.

What Should You Spend On Gifts For Newborns?

High-quality baby gifts will differ in price depending on what you buy, but people tend to spend anywhere from $20 to $150 on gifts for newborn babies.

While cheaper gifts are a great way to welcome a new arrival on a budget, they won’t be as durable. Pricier gifts, meanwhile, tend to be longer-lasting.

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