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9 Best Convertible Car Seats (Tested by Experts)

Best All-in-One Seat

Graco 4Ever
DLX 4-in-1

Can be used from infancy to about a decade of your child’s life
Best Travel Convertible Car Seat


Features LATCH system for easy installation
Best Clicktight Car Seat

Britax Boulevard Clicktight

Premium adjustability

Stylish and Safe Car Seat


Extra legroom for comfort

Sturdy Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian 3RXT

Includes a rear-facing tether and memory foam seat

As long as you have a baby, you’ll need to get a convertible car seat at some point. When I had my first child, I started with an infant car seat and transitioned to a convertible car seat when my baby exceeded the seat’s max height and weight limit.

With convertible seats becoming more popular, I decided to skip the infant seat and start with a convertible car seat for my second baby. I fell in love with it from day one, especially since I didn’t have to worry about changing the car seat.

Ever since, I’ve been an advocate of convertible car seats and advise parents to invest in them, especially models that accommodate newborns. It saves you a lot of money, and I must admit, convertible car seats have several full functionalities for your baby’s comfort and safety.

I understand that the US market is now filled with several seats from different manufacturers, and scouring through the many available options out there can be daunting. So, I took it upon myself to test as many convertible car seats as possible and assembled a comprehensive list of the nine best ones.

Each car seat in this roundup ticks all the boxes regarding safety features, comfortability, weight and height limits, and additional features. Plus, I’ve included a buying guide to make it easier for you to make the right decision.

What Are the 9 Best Convertible Car Seats?

Here are my top convertible car seat picks based on the features they offer and their popularity among parents.

1. Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 – Best All-in-One Seat

graco logo

Jessica’s Take

What I particularly love about this vehicle seat is its machine washable seat cover which you can slip off in under one minute, even while it’s still installed in your vehicle.

Best ForAll-in-One Seat
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I purchased the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 convertible car seat for my second kid, and its premium features are one of the reasons it’s the first on this list. This car seat meets every baby’s needs as they grow, first as a rear-facing car seat when they weigh just four pounds.

Once they exceed the max limit for the rear-facing functionality (40 pounds), you can convert it into a forward-facing car seat until your baby hits 65 pounds. From there, this all-in-one car seat transforms into a high-back booster seat until the baby is 100 pounds, and ultimately a backless booster that you can pair with your car’s seat belt when your kid weighs 120 pounds.

This model boasts a comfortable infant insert, a 10-position no-rethread harness, two integrated cup holders, and a LATCH system for easy installation. It also has a six-position recline that makes it easy to achieve the 45° angle your baby needs to breathe well.

I particularly love this vehicle seat’s machine washable seat cover. It’s always easy for me to slip it off in under one minute, even while the seat is still installed in my vehicle. This is one convenient feature considering babies are prone to vomit and spit-ups.

What Parents Say: “Great car seat, nice quality, and easy to install. One of the nicest features of this is that it’s very easy to tighten and loosen the straps to get the child in and out. Other models or brands feel like you have to fight the tension strap when having the child rear-facing.”


  • Car seat weight: 23 pounds
  • Car seat width: 21.5 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 4 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 40 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing); 100 pounds (high-back booster); 120 pounds (backless booster)
  • Child’s height maximum: 40 inches (rear-facing); 49 inches (forward facing); 52 inches (high-back booster)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Easy-to-use straps
  • Can last up to 10 years
  • Can be used from infancy to about a decade of your child’s life


  • Can hardly fit into small cars
  • Shoulder pads and infant inserts are easy to lose
  • Might be tricky to install

2. Clek Foonf – Best Travel Convertible Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

The steel frame on the Foonf is noticeably thicker than even the Diono, which is already a hefty car seat. This makes us feel like the seat is safer, which is the whole point.

Best ForBest Travel Convertible Car Seat
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While Clek Foonf is “built like a tank,” thanks to its steel-and-magnesium frame, it’s still one of the most narrow and safest convertible car seats around. Its slim structure makes it a much-needed seat if you often travel because you can have about three car seats side-by-side without issues. Plus, the chair is highly comfortable.

I travel often, so the Clek Foonf is my top traveling baby gear because of its extra safety features. Besides its steel frame, it has an anti-rebound bar, and its base is made of aluminium to absorb energy in an accident. In addition, there’s a double-layered energy-absorbing foam for side-impact protection.

This is another extended rear-facing car seat in my lineup; your babe can use this until they weigh 50 pounds. Unfortunately, you can’t convert this car seat into a booster seat, and you’d have to purchase a separate infant insert, as it doesn’t come with one. Still, its nine-year lifespan is enough consolation.

One issue I have with the Clek Foonf is that it’s quite heavy and not something you’d want to be moving in and out of your car often.

What Parents Say: “My two-year-old loves the Foonf! Coming from a Graco Slim Fit to a Diono Radian 3QX, the Foonf is much more comfortable and roomy yet thin enough to fit three across. We also love the minimal and clean design, which makes it much easier to spot crumbs and debris for cleanup.

On top of it all, it’s built like a tank. The steel frame on the Foonf is noticeably thicker than even the Diono, which is already a hefty car seat. This makes us feel like the seat is safer, which is the whole point. Definitely worth it!”


  • Car seat weight: 38 pounds
  • Car seat width: 17 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 14 pounds (5 pounds if you purchase the infant insert)
  • Child’s weight maximum: 50 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing)
  • Child’s height maximum: 43 inches (rear-facing); 49 inches (forward facing)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Features LATCH system for easy installation
  • Fabrics are Greenguard Gold certified
  • Extra safety features


  • Doesn’t feature an infant insert
  • Not soft and cozy

3. Britax Boulevard Clicktight – Best Clicktight Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

Britax Boulevard has an integrated steel frame, double-layered side-impact protection, and an impact-absorbing base that offer excellent protection and exceeds federal safety standards.

Best ForClicktight Car Seat
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Like most Clicktight convertible car seats, Britax Boulevard features a patented Clicktight system that allows you to use your vehicle’s belt system instead of connectors and anchors. This means you don’t have to deal with the restrictive feature of some car seats or a LATCH system’s complexity and weight limits.

What attracted me to this model is its integrated steel frame, double-layered side-impact protection, and impact-absorbing base that offers excellent protection and exceeds federal safety standards.

It also comes with a Click & Safe 14-position harness, a seven-position recline, a padded anti-rebound bar, and a two-position no-rethread buckle, all to stabilize the car seat and keep your child safe.

As a mom big on getting stylish things for my kids, I like that this seat is available in different colors and designs. If I decide to get another convertible car seat, I can always find the ideal structure that’ll blend in with my daily life as a mother.

That’s not all – this is another model with a machine-friendly seat cover, so you can eliminate spit-ups quickly.

What Parents Say: “This is our sixth car seat, and this one is great! I was hesitant to use the seatbelt installation instead of latch clips, but it is super easy to secure and change between cars. The material feels high quality, and the crotch strap has extra padding so no chubby baby thighs get pinched.”


  • Car seat weight: 29.4 pounds
  • Car seat width: 18.5 pounds
  • Child’s weight minimum: 5 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 40 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing)
  • Child’s height maximum: 49 inches
  • Price: Click to see


  • Premium adjustability
  • Available in various colors and designs
  • The Click & Safe harness lets you know if you installed the car seat correctly


  • Heavy and bulky

4. Nuna Rava – Stylish and Safe Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

As one of the best rear-facing car seats, your baby can use this position until they’re 50 pounds and 49 inches. This is a higher limit than you’ll find in most convertible car seats.

Best ForStylish and Safe Car Seat
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The first thing I noticed about the Nuna convertible car seat is its chic, beautiful design. But it’s more than a fashion-forward seat; I recommend it for parents looking for top safety features and ease of use.

As one of the best rear-facing car seats, your baby can use this position until they’re 50 pounds and 49 inches. This is a higher limit than you’ll find in most convertible car seats. This rear-facing mode also features an extendable calf rest, where you can get two extra inches of legroom to increase comfort.

You can also convert the car seat into the forward-facing mode when your baby’s between 25 and 65 pounds. Although you can’t convert Nuna Rava into a booster seat, your kid can still enjoy its 2-in-1 benefit until they’re 65 pounds.

This product is flame retardant free, so you don’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals. I advise adding this car seat to your baby gear if you plan to travel by air, as it’s air-plane certified.

Other top features in this model include retractable cup holders, ten recline positions, a no-rethread five-point harness, removable head and body inserts, and breathable knit fabric. I realized the price is a bit high, but considering its top features, you might get your money’s worth.

What Parents Say: “We love our Nuna Rava! Our son is very comfortable in it, he has enough room to move his arms, but it is snuggly enough to help him take naps. It has great support to keep his head upright, which also helps to keep him napping for long.

It is very compact and doesn’t take up more than one-person space in small cars, so we still have room to fit two other bodies in the backseat! Highly recommended!”


  • Car seat weight: 27.9 pounds
  • Car seat width: 19 pounds
  • Child’s weight minimum: 5 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 50 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing)
  • Child’s height maximum: 49 inches (rear and forward facing)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Easy seat belt installation
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Extra legroom for comfort


  • Not easy to reassemble after washing
  • Recline might be too upright for some kids

5. Diono Radian 3RXT – Sturdy Convertible Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

Its sturdiness also means extra weight, so you might not find this seat as portable as you’d like. I always advise parents with more than one vehicle to get another car seat instead of going through the hassle of moving this heavy item from one car to another.

Best ForSturdy Convertible Car Seat
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There are several reasons I added Diono Radian 3RXT to this list. For one, it’s extra sturdy and packs enough safety features to ease your mind on the road. And this is one of the few convertible car seats that can carry babies until they’re up to 120 pounds.

As another traveling baby gear, you can have three seats in the back seat without any problem. If you plan to have more than one kid, you should consider getting this convertible car seat. It also folds flat for storage, so it’s easy to pack up for traveling.

Unless you consider its price, this is one high-quality car seat you can’t afford to miss out on. But if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to purchase another convertible car seat.

Its sturdiness also means extra weight, so it’s not as portable as I’d want my baby’s convertible car seat to be. For someone like me with more than one vehicle, I’d rather get another car seat than go through the hassle of moving this heavy item from one car to another.

But you should know that its heavy weight is one of the things that makes this car seat one of the safest out there. That, and the EPS foam in the chair helps with shock absorption in case of an accident. And don’t forget the five-point harness straps, three buckle positions, and a 12-position headrest for increased comfortability and safety.

What Parent Say: “This car seat is amazing!! It’s mom/dad-friendly, easy to install, has unique colors, no bulky, oversized extra car seat taking up precious backseat space, etc. I could probably name 15 more things I love about this seat. Coming from a mom of 2u2, this seat is a must-have!!!”


  • Car seat weight: 28.5 pounds
  • Car seat width: 17 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 5 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 50 pounds (rear facing with seat belt installation); 65 pounds (forward facing with seat belt installation); 120 pounds (booster seat)
  • Child’s height maximum: 57.1 inches
  • Price: Click to see


  • Comes with SuperLATCH connectors for easy installation
  • Includes a rear-facing tether and memory foam seat
  • Folds flat
  • Safe Stop harness system
  • Sturdy, steel frame


  • Limited passenger legroom in the front seat
  • The rear-facing position has only one reclining angle

6. Evenflo Gold Revolve360 – Best Rotating Car Seat

Since rotating convertible car seats became a thing in the US, I tested a few models, including the Evenflo Gold Revolve360. Interestingly, it’s one of the first rotating seats available on the US market and one of my favorites.

Due to the swiveling feature, getting your baby in and out of the car seat is easy, particularly when it’s rear-facing. This eliminates the awkward reach needed for rear-facing seats.

As someone who understands how challenging it is to lift big babies up and over heavy convertible car seats, I’d say this innovation is a game changer. And this rotating function makes it easier to keep your little one rear-facing for much longer.

You can also easily move from rear-facing to forward-facing and a harness-less high-back booster as your kid grows. You don’t even have to reinstall the seat when you’re making this switch!

The Evenflo Gold Revolve has a foolproof installation system, a top tether anchor for both rear and forward-facing modes, high-quality fabrics, and a washable seat pad.

What Parents Say: “This car seat is worth every penny. The ability to rotate is super convenient; my son is extremely comfortable in it, he cried every time I would put him in his last one, and most importantly, it’s very secure. If you are looking at other car seats, especially for a rear-facing child, really look into this one; you won’t regret it.”


  • Car seat weight: 29.6 pounds
  • Car seat width: 19.8 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 4 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 40 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing); 120 pounds (booster)
  • Child’s height maximum: 40 inches (rear-facing); 49 inches (forward facing)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Seat rotates 360° for easy lifting of babies
  • Top tether anchor for increased car seat safety
  • Adjustable headrest and easy recline


  • Not FAA approved
  • Large and bulky

7. Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 – Best for Small Cars

I’ve always heard that the Graco Extend2Fit is great for small cars, so I tried installing it in my small vehicle and saw it was a perfect fit. And its compact size doesn’t mean it’s lacking in any way, as it’s a 3-in-1 convertible seat that functions as a rear-facing seat, a forward-facing seat, and a high-back booster, depending on your baby’s needs.

As compact as this product is, it has a 50-pound weight limit for the rear-facing mode, a feature even bigger convertible seats can’t boast of. And as its name implies, it features an extra 5-inch extendable leg rest for added comfort.

Its U-shaped anti-rebound bar reduces how much the seat and your kid would rotate in case of an accident, a safety feature I believe every parent should look out for in a convertible car seat. Plus, it has a 10-headrest position and six recline positions.

The Graco Extend2Fit also has rotating cup holders that can be detached to create more space in the back seat. However, you should note that this feature makes the car seat wider than usual. So, while it was a perfect match for my small car, it took up more room than I thought it should.

Overall, this convertible car seat ticks all the boxes regarding budget-friendliness, easy cleaning and maintenance, and how easy it is to convert into a rear-facing seat, a forward-facing car seat, and a high-back booster as the need arises.

What Parents Say: “This car seat is amazing. It’s so easy to install. It’s super easy to get the baby in and out. My baby vomited in it, and it was fairly easy to deconstruct and put back together. I feel confident this car seat will keep her safe. I’m so confident I bought two, once for each car. It also ranks incredibly high for car crash test ratings and is reasonably priced.”


  • Car seat weight: 21.94 pounds
  • Car seat width: 19 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 4 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 50 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing); 100 pounds (high-back booster)
  • Child’s height maximum: 49 inches (rear-facing); 57 inches (forward facing)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Ideal for small cars
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable cover
  • Extended rear-facing capability


  • Not so narrow

8. Uppababy Knox – Car Seat with Top Functionalities

Before I jump into the juicy details about why Uppababy Knox is a must-have, you should note that it has a minimum weight limit of 14 pounds. Therefore, parents with newborns are better off getting another convertible car seat. But if you have a child between the ages of one and six, here are some reasons I’ll recommend Knox.

The tensioning clips and a tightness indicator let you know if you’ve installed the seat correctly. Green means you’re good to go, while red means there are a few adjustments you need to make. That way, you don’t leave anything to chance and are certain that the car seat is well-installed.

It also includes a multi-directional tether that limits seat rotation and protects your baby’s neck and head in a crash. And the eight-position headrest, four recline positions, and the no-rethread harness adjust easily to accommodate your growing child.

One special feature of this car seat is its fabric—Merino wool—which is fire retardant free and passes all federal safety standards. The wicking properties of this fabric also keep kids warm on cool days and cool on hot days.

On top of it all, Knox features Koroyd, a leading impact protection technology that absorbs maximum force and reduces energy transferred to your baby in a crash. This is a rare technology you’ll find in car seats, which places this brand in a class of its own.

What Parents Say: “This seat is great! I absolutely love all the safety features of this seat – the technology in the base, the side impact absorbers, and the installation tightness indicator. We also really like how easy it is to tighten my daughter in the seat and the fact that you can recline the seat (when rear facing) without having to uninstall it. I haven’t had to remove the cover yet, but I like that you can machine wash it. I’m also a fan of how easy it is to remove and wash the cup holder, although I wish it came with two cup holders.”


  • Car seat weight: 32.5 pounds
  • Car seat width: 18.8 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 14 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 45 pounds (rear-facing); 65 pounds (forward-facing)
  • Child’s height maximum: 49 inches
  • Price: Click to see


  • Features Koroyd impact technology
  • Multi-directional tether
  • Tightness indicator, which helps with car seat installation


  • Not suitable for newborns
  • The installation process is a bit tricky

9. Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 – Most Comfortable Car Seat

Everything about the Maxi-Cosi Pria car seat screams comfort, thanks to the soft padding incorporated into every part of the seat, even in the headrest. I placed my baby in this car seat, and she fell asleep within minutes, which is a miracle in itself.

It also has a 100-pound weight limit and a 52-inch height limit, so this is one car seat that’ll grow with your child. Since you can get a rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seat from this model, you don’t have to worry about getting another car seat as your little one ages. And at 21 pounds, this is a lightweight convertible car seat that you can easily move around.

Plus, with its five headrest heights, three-position recline, and a shoulder harness that adjusts to your child’s height automatically, you can rest assured that this is one car seat that’ll cater to your kiddo’s growth spurts.

The bottom line is that Maxi-Cosi Pria convertible car seat is easy to use and maintain and has foam side-impact protection to prevent impact in a crash.

What Parents Say: “I have this car seat for all 3 of my daughters in car seats. I have had them for years and will recommend them to anyone. They are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, safe.”


  • Car seat weight: 22.2 pounds
  • Car seat width: 19.25 inches
  • Child’s weight minimum: 4 pounds
  • Child’s weight maximum: 40 pounds (rear-facing); 100 pounds (forward-facing & high-back booster)
  • Child’s height maximum: 40 inches (rear-facing); 49 inches (forward facing); 52 inches (high-back booster)
  • Price: Click to see


  • Highly comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Extra plush headrest


  • Comes with a magnetic clip that can be tricky to handle
  • The seat cover isn’t durable

Buyers Guide: Tips for Getting the Best Convertible Car Seat

To confirm that a convertible car seat is right for you and your kids, here are a few things you must consider:


The price of a convertible car seat is usually determined by its style and convenience. So, extra comfort features like fabric type (merino wool) and no-rethread harness in a car seat can equal more money. And the more expensive a car seat is, the more durable it tends to be.

In the US, you can purchase a convertible car seat for as low as $50 or as high as $600 or more. You only need to know how much you’re willing to spend. If you plan to use the vehicle seat for a long time, you might consider buying a more comfortable one with added features.

Ease of Installation

Installing a car seat correctly ensures your baby’s safety, but it can take a lot of effort.

Most seats are compatible with the LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), a simple system that connects your car seat to attachment points in your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t support this system, you’ll likely need to install it using your car’s seat belt.

The first time I tried installing a convertible car seat, I had to hire a professional when things got too complicated. You can try that too.

Comfort and Safety

Your little one’s comfort and safety are all that matter at the end of the day. Therefore, you should pay close attention to features that ensure your child gets both.

Regarding comfort, I always check out the fabric, padding, and harness straps. For safety purposes, I prioritize car seats with features like an anti-rebound bar, a rear-facing tether, and a five-point harness.

You should always confirm that the car seat meets the US federal safety standards and even exceed them.

Height and Weight Limits

All convertible car seats come with height and weight limits for children in all modes, i.e., rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seats (if applicable). Your baby might need just one car seat throughout infancy until they weigh 100 pounds and above or hit the max height limit on the chair.

You should check out the minimum and maximum limits of your choice seat to confirm that you won’t have to change it anytime soon.

Ease of Cleaning

Since you’ll be using the convertible car seat for years, you should focus on getting one that’s easy to clean and maintain. In this case, I advise that you look for seats with removable, machine-friendly seat covers and paddings.

Vehicle Size

I’ve had to return car seats because they didn’t fit in the back seat of my car. This wouldn’t have happened if I’d measured the space in my vehicle’s back seat before settling for a car seat. So, I advise parents to measure the space in the back seat of their car and also consider the angle of the car seat’s recline.

To be safer, you should note the seller’s return policy before buying anything, just in case you have to return the seat.

Car Seat’s Weight

Some car seats are bulkier and heavier than others, so you should confirm that the weight is something you can handle before committing to any car seat.

You might opt for a lightweight seat with a simple installation system if you move your baby’s seat between cars. If not, then buying a heavier seat shouldn’t be an issue. You can also buy more than one car seat for each vehicle if you can afford it.

Car Seat’s Width

Unlike infant car seats, convertible seats take up more space in a car; they usually have a width of 17-20 inches. The wider a car seat, the lower the possibility of having more than one in the back seat. Plus, a wide car seat can make it difficult to accommodate extra passengers.

If you need more than one convertible seat, you should target narrow models. The same goes for people who often have backseat passengers. However, if you own a large SUV, you can go all out and purchase a wide car seat.

Expiration Date

Every convertible car seat has an expiration date. And the older and bigger your baby gets, the more demand they place on the seat. This can wear out the materials and make them less comfortable. There are also federal standards that car seat manufacturers must adhere to, which are constantly modified for improved safety.

To avoid issues that may arise through these factors, I never use a car seat beyond its expiration date, and you shouldn’t either. In addition, you should also change it if it gets damaged or involved in an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between an Infant Car Seat and a Convertible Car Seat?

One main difference between an infant car seat and a convertible seat is that the former can only be used as a rear-facing seat while the latter can be used as both a rear-facing and forward-facing seat. Infant seats are also generally more compact and smaller than convertible seats.

When Should I Stop Using an Infant Car Seat for My Baby?

Once your baby exceeds an infant car seat’s height or weight limit, move them to a convertible car seat. Conversely, you can skip infant seats and start with the convertible one, as the latter can accommodate newborns.

Can My Newborn Use a Convertible Car Seat?

Your newborn can use a convertible car seat if they’re within the seat’s height and weight specifications. Your newborn will particularly benefit from the extra safety features in convertible car seats, like adjustable headrests and anti-rebound bars.

How Long Should My Baby Be Rear-Facing in Car Seats?

Based on research, your baby is safer in the rear-facing position than forward-facing. As a result, it’s recommended that you keep your baby rear-facing until they’re at least 20 pounds or until they exceed the car seat’s max height and weight limit.

Most convertible car seats allow your kiddo to remain rear-facing until they weigh 40 pounds, while others go as far as 50 pounds. Your baby can stay in that position until they’re about three or four years old.

When Should My Baby Transition to a Booster Seat?

Your baby can start using a booster seat when they’re at least four years old or weigh over 50 pounds. In addition, if your child is taller than the seat’s harness, you should transition them to a belt-positioning booster seat. Older kids might need a backless booster seat.

Can All Car Seat Fit Into Every Car?

No, not all car seats can fit into every vehicle. This means you must ensure that you get one compatible with your car. You can do this by checking out the car seat’s dimensions and if it’s okay for your vehicle. You might also want to consider your baby’s size and budget.

How Long Should My Baby Use a Convertible Car Seat?

Depending on the convertible car seat you buy, you should be able to use it for the first ten years of your kid’s life. This is especially true for car seats with high-back and backless booster configurations.

Beyond that, your child can use a convertible car seat if they meet the seat’s requirements.

What’s the Difference Between a Convertible Car Seat and an All-In-One Car Seat?

A convertible car seat helps your baby transition from an infant to a rear-facing car seat and, ultimately, a forward-facing car seat. On the other hand, an all-in-one convertible car seat is designed to grow with your child, right from when they’re born to when they’re almost ten years old.

In addition to the rear-facing and front-facing configurations, an all-in-one seat has a high-back booster seat and a backless booster seat.


While there are several car seats out there, the best convertible car seat offers maximum safety, comfort, and convenience for your baby. So, before you add any brand or model to your baby gear, you should confirm that it ticks all the necessary boxes.

This is why, beyond listing out the top convertible seats, I’ve also outlined several things you should consider before making a decision.

Finally, you should note that although there’s a federal law for using child car seats, each region or state also has its rules and guidelines. You can find more information on that here.

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