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5 Best Car Seats of 2023 (Tested by Experts)

Best Lightweight
Car Seat

Car Seat

Lightweight car seat, easy to carry around

Best for Safety

Chicco Key Fit
35 Car Seat

Compatible with many stroller brands

Best in

Evenflo Revolve 360 Car Seat

All in one seat for different child age groups

Best for
All Ages

4-in-1 Car Seat

Durable harness straps to keep kids in place even on bumpy rides

Best for
Small Vehicles

Graco Slim Fit 3-in-1
Inch Car Seat

Great for small cars
baby inside a car

Shopping for the best car seats can be a headache if you’re not specific about your needs. We, moms, prioritize our child’s safety, but we also want to ensure we buy this baby gear that lasts long and offers flexibility as our kids grow up.

So I checked out some top recommendations online and chose my five personal favorites, which fit the main criteria for safety, flexibility, ease of installation, and cost.

The Best Toddler Car Seats You Should Check Out this 2023

These gears may share similar features at first glance, but they offer some unique functionalities tailored to fit various lifestyles.

1. Nuna Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

It’s built with a load leg, which helps absorb crash forces during accidents, reducing neck and head injury risks.

Best ForLightweight Car Seat
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Nuna Car Seat

The Nuna car seat comes in five different models, each with unique features. Today’s review focuses on the Nuna Pipa Lite model, the most lightweight infant car seat on the market. Weighing just 5.75 pounds, you’ll find this easy to shift around, like when moving the equipment to a stroller.

It has a canopy with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50+ element, perfect for shading your child against the sun. I find this accessory very useful when driving under intense heat when the sun’s glare is at its peak. The canopy works well as a sunshade, keeping that comfortable, glare-free car interior.

Nuna also doesn’t disappoint in terms of safety features. It’s built with a load leg, which helps absorb crash forces during accidents, reducing neck and head injury risks. Its exclusive height-adjustable headrest is also a lovely perk ideal for long journeys.

This item’s compatible with many of the best stroller brands, but if you’re already using a Nuna stroller, then better. You won’t just enjoy the premium quality but also the stylish appeal of the brand’s travel system.

One of the drawbacks is its installation. The Pipa Lite isn’t an easy-to-install seat for beginners, and its instruction manual could be better. Some users report missing or unclear instructions, which took time to configure. The padding material used for this unit is hand wash only, which is a bummer if you prefer a machine-washable seat pad.

What other moms say: “I love the fact that it is extremely lightweight due to me being petite. Also, love the look and feel of this car seat.” – Rayya


  • Lightweight car seat, easy to carry around
  • Excellent canopy for sun protection
  • Load leg feature


  • Incompatible with machine wash

2. Chicco Key Fit 35 Car Seat

Jessica’s Take

One of the things I like about this car seat model is its dimensions. It’s more narrow than most infant seats in the market.

Best ForSafety
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Chicco Key Fit 35

The Chicco Key Fit 35 is a rear-facing infant seat you must not miss. It has an excellent cinch system, which allows you to adjust the seat’s tightness easily. This ensures your kid’s tucked in safely, especially when you’re up for a rough ride.

One of the things I like about this car seat model is its dimensions. It’s more narrow than most infant seats in the market. For reference, you can fit three car seats in the middle row of a Toyota Sienna and still have enough room to wiggle around. This is great if you’ve got more kids riding with you.

Chicco also has an anti-rebound bar at the foot of the car seat, which adds stability to the gear. This feature makes me confident of my child’s safety when driving on bumpy roads. It has a decent headrest height and legroom, which ensures your child can ride it for a while.

A slight drawback is its weight. At over 10 pounds, it can feel heavy, especially with your child in it. It gets even heavier as the child grows, requiring you to put it in a stroller every time you transport it.

While the seat and foot area is made of wipeable fabric, taking off the well-padded seat cover for washing took a while, which can be a deal-breaker if you hate disconnecting its harnesses and elastics.

What other moms say: “I bought this for my newborn. She is now 13 months. It has been everywhere and we have traveled a lot. It’s been great. And it’s easy to take apart to clean and put back together.” – Kaila


  • Cinch system and bubble indicator to signal accurate seat angle
  • Anti-rebound bar for better infant seat stability
  • Compatible with many stroller brands


  • Heavier than other infant car seat options

3. Evenflo Revolve 360

Jessica’s Take

The 360 rotation is an excellent feature if your toddler hates getting strapped into a car seat. Being able to rotate the gear assists you in putting him down safely with lesser fuss.

Best ForFlexibility
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Evenflo Revolve 360

The Evenflo Revolve 360 is an all-in-one convertible car seat that can be set up as a booster, front, or rear-facing seat. Its main feature is its 360 rotation functionality, making it easier to find the right angle to properly strap the kids in place.

This is an excellent feature if your toddler hates getting strapped into a car seat. Being able to rotate the gear assists you in putting him down safely with lesser fuss. It also has a durable Tether 360 strap that anchors the top of the car seat to the vehicle both when forward-facing or rear-facing mode. This is useful to ensure the car seat doesn’t tip forward when forward-facing.

When converting to booster mode for your bigger kids, its combination of buckle, harness, and chest clips is an efficient addition for ensuring car seat safety. They’re easy to adjust and feel comfortable for your young passengers.

One thing I found a bit challenging is when you’re attempting to do a full 360 rotation. The gear can only do this if it’s set in a fully reclined, rear-facing position. Otherwise, you can rotate it partially to the sides, which might leave the car seat base stuck.

You’d also need to factor in your car’s headrest. Non-removable headrests that tend to move forward can get in the way when you set this gear up in a forward-facing position. I suggest you test the item in this position first before committing.

What other moms say: “This car seat makes entry and exit very easy, and it is very comfortable. I know this because my daughter is always quiet when she is sitting in it, and it is high enough for her to look outside while traveling.” – Fintan Richmond


  • Convertible car seat that supports 360 rotation
  • Reliable LATCH system for booster mode
  • All in one seat for different child age groups


  • Hard to budge once it gets stuck

4. Graco 4 in-1 Car Seat

graco logo

Jessica’s Take

It has a five-point harness, best for restraining your kid’s shoulders and hips without discomfort.

Best ForAll Ages
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Graco 4 in-1 Car Seat

It’s hard to top Graco 4Ever DLX if your priority is a gear’s lifespan and flexibility. This gear has it all. It’s an all-in-one car seat with a 10-year lifespan and can smoothly transition from rear-facing mode to a forward-facing seat once your child grows taller.

For moms who want a single car seat purchase for their child’s early stages, Graco 4-in-1 can be your top option as it also supports high back booster mode. This mode has an excellent side impact protection feature, which according to crash test results, reduces the risk of injuries and whiplashes incurred by children during accidents.

Another area I found superior about this item is its safety features. It has a five-point harness, best for restraining your kid’s shoulders and hips without discomfort. During a crash, this harness helps transfer the forces to the most rigid parts of the body (shoulders and hips) and onto the seat, minimizing physical impact.

You’ll also get extra features like its steel-reinforced frame, two cup holders, and six-position recline. The latter guarantees comfort as your child grows, but more importantly, safety as it allows easy adjustments to reduce their head and neck stress.

But with its impressive capacity lies its major drawback. The Graco 4-in-1 car seat is heavier than most options and isn’t recommended for small cars. It may also surpass the allowable height and weight limits your vehicle can accommodate for optimum safety.

What other moms say: “My daughter has been in these seats since six months old, and the 4 Ever is the best seat. It grows with her, and she’s always super comfortable and safe.” – Kimberly Peaster


  • 10-year lifespan
  • Durable harness straps to keep kids in place even on bumpy rides
  • Machine washable padding


  • Can be difficult to fit in small vehicles

5. Graco Slimfit 3 in 1″

graco logo

Jessica’s Take

It has an adjustable base featuring different reclining positions – two rear-facing, two forward-facing, and one high-back booster.

Best ForSmall Vehicles
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Graco Slimfit 3 in 1

If you want to enjoy the Graco 4-in-1’s features but want something slimmer, the Graco Slimfit 3-in-1 car seat is a must-try. It’s built for small cars and has one of the easiest installation methods available. So if you’re the type who isn’t a fan of too much tinkering, then this is a great fit.

It has an adjustable base featuring different reclining positions – two rear-facing, two forward-facing, and one high-back booster. It has a no-rethread harness, so you don’t need to manually reroute it at the back of the seat as you adjust it to accommodate your child’s growth.

Another perk you’ll get is the energy-absorbing foam, which is great for impact absorption. While you can’t remove its straps for cleaning, its machine-washable padding might compensate for it. It has a dual rotating cup holder, giving you more room to install additional car seats.

One thing you should note, however, is the fact that once this vehicle seat is installed in your car, it stays in there. Unlike the portable infant car seat you can carry around, this is built to keep your kids safe and comfortable within your vehicle. So if you’re after a safe car seat that you can carry around, this is not it. You’ll need quality baby carriers when you decide to go for this.

What other moms say: “Alright, so I’m digging this car seat. My 6-month-old is a big little dude and was looking quite uncomfortable in his infant carrier seat so I figured it was time to upgrade. I picked this lovely carseat based on the fact that it can grow with my kiddo and has a slimmer profile. I have it set up rear facing in my Mazda cx9 and honestly we were able to move the front passenger seat back a little bit giving that person some more leg room.” – Ricki


  • Great for small cars
  • No-rethread harness straps
  • Machine-washable seat cover


  • It stays in the car once installed

What Makes Up the Best Car Seats for Toddlers?

A quality child car seat should pass all the safety requirements set by the government. This is non-negotiable. It proves that those car seat manufacturers built their gears with full compliance to ensure your child’s safety.

There are several other factors to consider when purchasing this equipment, but in general, I consider the following as must-have qualities when buying a car seat:

  • Comfort Level: My child should feel comfortable lying on it when awake and asleep. While this gear isn’t a substitute for a toddler bed, I’d want to have something similar in terms of comfort level.
  • Quality Materials: It must be built using durable materials lasting years. They should also be easy to wash.
  • Safety: It must have built-in safety measures like a LATCH system to ensure the child stays safely tucked into the car seat, even with constant car movement.
  • Cost: Total expense, including maintenance and potential upgrades, must be reasonable. I also look at compatibility with accessories to ensure I have enough options if something breaks and the recommended brand is out of stock.
  • Appropriate Weight: My preferred car seat should be compatible with my car’s weight limits. I should also be able to carry it well by myself.
  • Warranty: I always look for brands with a decent warranty on their products. This protects you from manufacturer defects and damages that have nothing to do with accidents.

What To Consider When Shopping for the Best Car Seat

a baby being carried
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Looking for the best child car seat is more than just about design and cost. You must also know what makes it safe and comfortable for your little ones. Before buying, consider the following elements that define what an ideal toddler or infant carrier should be.

Car Seat Size and Weight

Each car seat type has its predetermined height and weight compatibility for different age groups. The best option is always the one that fits your child perfectly. If you’re unsure about choosing the right unit, asking a sales associate to explain the variations is always recommended.

Car Seat Type

Choosing the right seat type keeps your child safe and comfortable and saves you money in the long run. A convertible seat, for instance, might be a better choice if you’d want something that can last two years on average before upgrading. High-end 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 variations are best if you prefer to stick to that material until your child outgrows it.

To further understand this factor, let’s identify the different types of car seats:

Infant Car Seat

This type’s designed for portability so moms can take their babies anywhere without unstrapping them from the car seat. It comes with a base, typically for a rear-facing position, and can be detached anytime. It can also be attached to a stroller for transport.

Best For: Newborns and babies weighing up to 13 kg.

Convertible Car Seat

This type is for parents who want gears lasting longer than an infant car seat. It can be used as a rear-facing car seat during the first months or year of the child before transitioning to a forward-facing seat as the kid grows.

Best For: Newborns (but with infant inserts) and toddlers

Forward Facing Car Seat

This one’s similar to a convertible car seat minus the rear-facing feature. It can accommodate a child weighing up to 29 kg, though this can differ depending on the brand.

Best For: Toddlers

3-in-1 Car Seat

This type is designed to accommodate all child age groups. You can use it as a front or rear-facing, similar to a convertible car seat, but with the option to upgrade to a booster seat. Transitioning to a booster means you get rid of the five-point harness to favor your car’s seat belt as the primary strap. This can accommodate up to 45 kg.

Best For: All children age groups

Booster Seat

This can refer to a high-back, combination harness-to-booster, or a backless booster seat. It’s designed for bigger children who can stay still and safe with your car seat belt.

Best For: Children ages eight to twelve years old

Safety Features

Choose a car seat with a high crash test star rating as a golden rule. The higher the score, the better. This ensures they’ve passed all the required standards by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

When looking at the safety factor, you’d want to consider having some of these features:

  • Side impact protection for keeping the proper alignment of the baby’s head, neck, and spine in case of accidents
  • Impact protection shield for dispersing blunt force away from the kid
  • Performance chest pads to ensure the child doesn’t lurch forward in case of a sudden halt
  • Lateral headrests for cushioning the sides of a child’s head, keeping it in a central position
  • Pitch control system for reducing a child’s forward movement, common during heavy traffics prone to a lot of braking
  • Sidewings to provide comfortable padding for the kids as they rest during long rides
  • Multiple harness slots for easy harness adjustments as the child grows, ensuring they’re tucked in comfortably
  • Head impact protection for protecting the baby’s head in case of collision
  • Safety harness to ensure kids are buckled up right, reducing the harmful impact during a crash
  • Seat belt integration for booster seats to ensure built-in adjusters can accommodate the required changes as your child grows
  • LATCH (Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children) system for rear-facing and forward-facing positions to ensure kids stay buckled in their seats

Ease of Use

Putting a hyperactive toddler in their seat is challenging enough, and the last thing you’d want is to get a vehicle seat with complex setup procedures. Whether it’s an infant or a convertible car seat, go for an item with a detailed instructional manual with troubleshooting steps.

If you’re always on the go, you’d love to have a gear that won’t take so much time detaching from its base.

Cost and Maintenance Requirement

Consider your budget in line with your needs. Car seat brands offer variations fit for different vehicles, and their added features always convert to added cost. If you want to minimize your long-term expense, then investing in gears made to grow with your child may be ideal. This helps you reduce the cost of upgrades and accessory changes.


This is often ignored but is the most crucial factor when buying an all-in-one seat. Think about what most of your days look like with your child. Do you constantly transfer to different vehicles? In which case, go for something easy to install and uninstall.

Do you often go for a walk? Then make sure to get a unit compatible with different stroller brands.

Similarly, if long hours on the road are your thing, you better invest in equipment with an excellent harness mechanism and a UV- protection canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Use a Car Seat?

The general rule of thumb is to keep your child on it for as long as they fit within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements. This typically lasts until the kid reaches the age of twelve. NHTSA has the following general guidelines for car seat usage per age range:

  • Rear-facing car seat – birth to 12 months, one to three years old
  • Forward-facing car seat – four to seven years old
  • Booster seat – eight to twelve years old
  • Seat belt – eight to twelve years old

Is a Convertible Car Seat Better?

This depends on what you expect from it. They’re better options for long-term use as they’re flexible and can be converted to different positions for different age groups. However, they’re also bulkier than a standard infant car seat. And they’re also less portable, making switching them from car to car hard.

At What Age Can You Turn the Car Seat Around?

Experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend keeping our children in a rear-facing position until they’re two years old. This is because the heads of toddlers are still in the development stage and tend to feel heavy. Riding forward risks having their heads thrown forward, which increases the chance of head and spine injury.

Rear-facing position is deemed the safer choice as it supports the head, neck, and spine.


Finding the ideal car seat for your children is one of the best investments you can make. This is especially true if your lifestyle involves lots of traveling. My top five choices don’t only excel in durability and safety but are also priced right for their features.

Use the list as a benchmark, but feel free to explore and beef up your list of top car seats. If you’ve found the right fit among the five we’ve mentioned, click right through the link and get your best pick delivered!

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