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The 9 Best Baby Bouncers and Swings (2023)

Dealing with a newborn baby can be exhausting. At some point, you’ll have to learn how to do most things with just one hand as you carefully hold the child with the other.

But there comes the point where exhausted parents need a minute for themselves. So when it’s not nap time and the baby doesn’t want to lay in their crib, baby swings can be beneficial.

Overall Best Baby Swing


Cassia Swing with
Motion Detector

Cassia Swing with Motion Detector

Cassia offers parents a smart swing with an automated motion detector that can soothe babies whenever they’re fussy. This alone makes it the best baby swing money can buy.


Runner-Up Baby Bouncer


Stokke Steps

Stokke has created a fantastic bouncer many babies love. The Stokke system provides parents with a bouncer babies love and a toddler seat, so it’s a two-for-one solution. Separately, the baby bouncer holds its own.


Best Baby Rocker


Kori 2-in-1
Rocker Chair

Kori 2-in-1 Rocker Chair
Kori’s 2-in-1 Rocker Chair is a simple solution for babies who want to be rocked and parents who don’t want a complicated chair for their child.

Best for Soothing and Playing


City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer

City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer

The City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer is the top choice to soothe babies and play with them at home or when you’re out.


Best for Adjustable Height


Beaba Up &
Down Rocker

Beaba Up and Down Rocker

If your baby likes a good rocking motion, they will love the Beaba Up and Down Rocker.


Best Baby Bouncers and Swings

Check out our top 9 picks for the best bouncers and swings for babies to buy in 2023.

At A Glance:

1. Cassia Swing with Motion Detector – Overall Best Baby Swing

2. Stokke Steps Bouncer – Runner-Up Baby Bouncer

3. Kori 2-in-1 Rocker Chair – Best Rocker

4. City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer – Best for Soothing and Playing

5. Beaba Up and Down Rocker – Best for Adjustable Height

6. Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer – Best for Ergonomic Design

7. Nuna LEAF Grow Baby Seat with Toy Bar – Best for Organic Fabric

8. CHILDHOME Kid’s Evolux Bouncer – Best for Baby Shower Gifts 

9. Graco Glider LX Portable Gliding Baby Swing – Best for Big Babies

The 9 Best Baby Bouncers and Swings

Let’s go through the best baby swings, bouncers, and rockers to buy in 2023:

1. Cassia Swing with Motion Detector – Overall Best Baby Swing

Cassia Swing with Motion Detector

Our Take

This stylish swing is made from high-quality materials designed for newborns and older babies. It’s suitable for children up to 20 pounds. The Maxi-Cosi Cassio gently rocks the baby when the motion sensors detect some fussing. Parents can also control the swing through a touchscreen control panel, choose from five swing speeds and add lullabies or nature sounds.

Best ForBaby Swing

With only 10 pounds total, this swing is easy to move around the house, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby at all times.

It’s quite a compact swing, so it will not take up a lot of space in your home.


  • Weighs only 10 pounds
  • One of the most popular infant swings
  • Space-saving frame
  • Auto shut off
  • Two adjustable recline positions
  • Machine washable fabrics
  • 20-pound weight limit
  • Five swing speeds
  • Mobile with toys
  • 5-point safety harness


  • No vibration settings

2. Stokke Steps Bouncer – Runner-Up Baby Bouncer

Stokke Steps Bouncer

Our Take

It’s made from high-quality materials and allows the baby to sit in four different positions. It supports the baby’s body and head well and secures the child properly.

Best ForBaby Bouncer

The highest upright position gives the child great movement, so they can bounce themselves when the baby’s older.

The Stokke baby bouncer includes a toy bar that can be attached to each side. You can add your baby’s favorite toys or objects and let the little one be entertained while you handle some chores.


  • Screened for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs
  • Includes newborn inserts
  • Four baby seating positions
  • Folds completely flat for easy storage
  • Provides independent bouncing
  • Detachable toy bar
  • Weighs 10.3 pounds, so it’s easy to transport
  • 19.8-pound weight limit


  • Need to combine with the Steps High Chair system

3. Kori 2-in-1 Rocker Chair – Best Baby Rocker

Kori 2-in-1 Rocker Chair

Our Take

It’s made from a stylish aluminum frame with a woodgrain finish and a pleasing gray fabric. We see this chair fitting into any contemporary home. Fabrics are machine washable and soft, and the entire rocker folds flat.

Best ForBaby Rocker

The Kori rocker features three recline positions, and parents can easily switch between them. The rocker has a lever in the back to help you switch between the positions.

Younger babies tend to love position one since it’s the flattest. Older babies prefer positions two and three, as they can help the child practice sitting upright and allow them to look around their surroundings.


  • Three adjustable height positions
  • Easy-to-use rocker
  • One-hand recline
  • Three-point harness
  • Buckle closer
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Appropriate for younger babies


  • Limited motion (only manual rocking)

4. City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer – Best for Soothing and Playing

City Sway™ 2-in-1 Rocker & Bouncer

Our Take

Being only 9 pounds heavy, taking this baby swing with you is easy to keep your child seated safely. City Sway folds flat and comes with a storage bag to transport this seat anywhere or keep it in your home when the baby’s not interested in bouncing.

Best ForSoothing and Playing

It features a three-position recline and two-speed vibration to keep the baby entertained and gently soothe them when they’re being fussy. Infants can be safely put in the most reclined position thanks to the insert.

Made from stain-resistant materials and machine-washable seat covers, you can also feed the bay while they’re seated in the rocker. 


  • Three-position recline
  • Two-speed vibration
  • For children up to 20 pounds
  • Weighs only 9 pounds
  • Removable toy bar complete with two hanging toys
  • Adjustable calf support to keep the baby comfortable
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Comfortable fabric seat
  • Infant insert
  • OptiVent™ to help keep the baby cool


  • Battery-powered vibration (three AA batteries)

5. Beaba Up and Down Rocker – Best for Adjustable Height

Beaba Up and Down Rocker for babies

Our Take

The baby chair comes with three reclining positions and four height levels; you can easily switch between them as needed. This is a great feature if you have pets or a curious sibling and you can’t always keep an eye on them. It features a stylish, minimalist design that perfectly blends with your home’s surroundings. No more rainbow-themed toys and other baby products for a change.

Best ForAdjustable Height

The integrated newborn headrest supports the child’s head and can be removed as the child grows older to provide even more comfort.

The rocking system is manual and can be released by turning the wedge at the base of the metal frame. If your baby doesn’t want to be rocked, turn the wedge again, and the Beaba chair will stay firmly in place.

The rocker is also secure and comes with a five-point harness to keep the baby safe while they’re rocking.

However, this is not an easily portable rocker since it’s large. But for home use, it’s an excellent choice for most babies.


  • An integrated rocking system that can be easily disabled
  • Very cozy seat
  • Four different heights and three reclining angles 
  • Up and down click system for changing between heights and reclines
  • Renovate newborn insert
  • Five-point harness
  • Birth to around six months (20 pounds max)


  • Not portable

6. Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer – Best for Ergonomic Design

The Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer is a stylish bouncer perfect for parents who want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The bouncer is powered by the baby’s movement and comes with three adjustable positions to take the child from an upright to a reclined position. It can also fold completely flat to allow easy storage and even travel.

Parents will also appreciate how easily this bouncer can be set up. You only need around 5 minutes to assemble it, and you can do it one-handed while holding the baby.

It’s suitable for newborns and older babies too. There won’t be much bounce initially since the chair rocks are based on the baby’s movements, but you can manually add a bit of motion to calm down a fussy baby.


  • Only 4.6 pounds heavy
  • Great for babies up to 20 pounds
  • Three adjustable positions
  • Removable quilted cotton cover
  • Easy to set up
  • Takes up little space


  • Limited motion

7. Nuna LEAF Grow Baby Seat with Toy Bar – Best for Organic Fabric

Nuna LEAF Grow Baby Seat with Toy Bar is designed for gentle swinging, inspired by how a leaf gently floats in the air. 

It’s the perfect bouncer for newborns and toddlers. It provides noise-free and motor-free bouncing.

Once you gently swing it, the design can keep the motion on its own for around two minutes. As the baby grows and moves independently, they can activate the bouncer themselves.

The seat has three recline settings. You can lock in a static position if you want to play with the baby or feed them.

When the child grows older and can sit upright on their one, you can remove the seat pad and harness and adjust the recline position. This converts the bouncer into a comfy chair.


  • Designed for children from birth to 130 pounds
  • Removable seat pad
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Sturdy bouncer


  • Slightly heavy and difficult to move around

8. CHILDHOME Kid’s Evolux Bouncer – Best for Baby Shower Gifts 

CHILDHOME Kid’s Evolux Bouncer is a great baby gift for new moms and dads. It comes with an eye-catching design and offers comfort and simplicity.

The bouncer has only one size and position, but it’s quite light and easy to move around. It only weighs around 8 pounds, making it a great backup bouncer that parents can take into any room or outside to relax in the sun and fresh air.

The chair also bounces along with the baby’s movements, so the little ones can entertain themselves while parents relax and do a few quick errands around the home.

The chair supports the child’s back and neck through a breathable 3D mesh that helps distribute weight evenly. The back of the chair has a storage pouch where you can keep a few items on hand.


  • Breathable 3D mesh that adapts to the baby’s body
  • Ergonomic seat with optimal back and neck support
  • Integrated storage pouch
  • Removable fabric cover
  • 20-pound weight limit
  • Portable swing, 8 pounds heavy


  • No toy handlebar
  • Manual bouncing motion

9. Graco Glider LX Portable Gliding Baby Swing – Best for Big Babies

The Graco Glider LX Portable Gliding Baby Swing is among the best baby swings we’ve seen. It’s perfect for the baby quickly outgrowing any clothes or accessories their parents buy.

It features a deeper seat that might not be ideal for babies younger than four months old, so it’s not an infant swing.

Though designed for bigger children, this baby swing doesn’t take as much space as expected. It measures only 25.5 x 30.75 inches.

The baby swing can soothe the baby with gentle gliding motions, extra movement, and music features. Plus, you can plug it in and save money on batteries. 

Compared to other Graco products, however, the Glider doesn’t have as many ranges of motion.

The Glider baby swing also features three recline options and a five-point harness to secure the child perfectly.


  • Mobile with three soft toys
  • Three reclines
  • Five-point harness
  • Can be plugged in
  • Ten melodies and five nature sounds to soothe the baby
  • The deep seat makes the baby swing suitable for older babies
  • Six gliding and sway speeds
  • Two-speed vibration settings
  • Sturdy swing frame
  • 30-pound weight limit


  • Baby swing speed is slow, and some babies might not be soothed by it

What Qualities Do the Best Baby Bouncers and Swings Have?

The most important thing to check is baby swing safety. Parents should always see if the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued any recalls for a particular swing before they purchase it.

Apart from safety, there are lots of other features you can look for in baby swings:

  • Automated swinging and rocking
  • Vibration settings
  • At least two recline positions
  • Higher weight limit so that the baby can enjoy the rocker longer
  • Machine washable seat pad for easy maintenance
  • Extra features such as a removable toy bar to entertain baby

The best baby swings and bouncers are more than just a comfy seats where your baby can relax for a few minutes. It enables parents to move freely around the room while keeping their baby safe. 

Experts don’t recommend baby swings for sleeping, so don’t look for crib-like qualities.

If your baby falls asleep in their swing and rocker, gently take them to their crib or a firm sleeping surface. Once the baby is around one year old, they can doze off in their portable swing with no issues.

How to Find the Best Bouncers and Swings for Your Child

A fussy baby is enough to make anyone want to spend a small fortune on a bouncer, swing, and rocker.

However, price alone isn’t the best way to find the best baby swing. Instead, we recommend considering a few extra factors:

Needs and Expectations

The best baby bouncer or swing should address both the needs of the parents and the child. Before you purchase one, consider how you’d like to use it.

Will you need to move it around your home and while traveling? If so, you’d need a lighter, foldable model.

Is the baby pickier regarding how they like to be soothed? Then it would be best to look for bouncers and swings that offer a wider range of motions and sounds.

If you’re also on a tighter budget, it’s worth mentioning that the child will outgrow the baby swing sooner or later. It’s more cost-effective to look for swings that could transition into a chair, and your baby can use them even when they are older.

Baby Swing or Bouncer Size

The baby swing will be an integral part of your home, and you don’t want to trip over it whenever you move around.

Look for models you can easily fit into your space and your baby. Not all bouncers are suitable for larger children.


Are you and your baby more sensitive to sounds? Then you should look for a baby swing or bouncer that doesn’t make a ruckus every time your baby is in it.

Some baby chairs can make a mechanical sound when you turn on the vibrating or swing features, which could be annoying both for the baby and the parents. Even manual swings or bouncers can give off a slight screech that may wake the baby.

We recommend double-checking the user reviews to see if other parents complain about unpleasant noises. The best baby swings should be virtually noise-free.


You want to ensure your child is safe and secure in their baby swing. After all, you’re getting one so that you can move freely around your home while the baby relaxes and plays.

Look for bouncers and swings with well-integrated safety harnesses. If the harness can be easily locked and unlocked, that’s a big plus, so if the baby falls asleep in their portable swing, you can gently take them out.


Lastly, while it’s not a make-or-break factor, the baby swing or bouncer will become part of your home’s decor. It doesn’t hurt to look for models with pleasing designs that can blend in with the rest of your furniture.

After all, your child probably has enough multi-colored toys and other baby gear, so why not pick one accessory that mom or dad also likes to look at?


The best baby bouncers and swings are the ones that can make both the child and the parents happy, and that’s not an easy task.

Especially if you’re an expecting parent, this entire industry can be overwhelming, with many different types of baby swings available. Once the baby arrives, you can slowly test different products until you find a swing seat your child likes.

We recommend starting your search with any of the nine best baby swings we’ve reviewed in this article.

But feel free to look for other swings and use our short buyer’s guide to find the best baby swing for your child!

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