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37 Most Fun Baby Shower Games (Updated 2023)

Baby Shower Games

Hosting a party is always a challenge. However, having a baby shower with some fun baby shower games and 30-50 close friends while pregnant is a different level of pressure and stress. 

Like everyone, we aim to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. On the other hand, we like to avoid awkward silence and boredom. Therefore, any mom-to-be tries to find some entertaining baby shower games. That’s how we are going to help you.

This article contains 37 fun baby shower games that all your guests will love and enjoy. We will also give you some valuable tips on having the best baby shower ever.

All you have to do is keep reading!

What You Mustn’t Forget for Your Baby Shower

Some essentials can make your baby shower go from basic to extraordinary. Because of this, it is important to ensure you have everything you need. 

So, before you rush, look at our baby shower games party checklist. 

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gift bags for your guests
  • Disposable cameras
  • Professional photographer
  • DJ or a good playlist
  • Party decorations
  • Shower games and activities


A party means food, and food means a party. That’s a rule. So, make sure you have something nice prepared for your guests.

We recommend you have a few types of salads, snacks such as cold sandwiches and some sweets. These foods are affordable and easy to make. 

Often, you already have most of the ingredients required to make these dishes in your fridge. Plus, cooking everything won’t take you more than three hours.

Another option to cover the food for the baby shower is catering. This way, you can call your favorite restaurant, and you will not worry about anything. Still, it’s important to know that choosing catering over homemade food will be more expensive.


Drinks are very important at any party. It’s desirable to have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the shower. Yet, as a host of this baby shower, you will know the most suitable beverage for your guests.

If you mostly invite people that don’t drink alcohol, then it makes no sense to serve it. Although, if you know that some of your guests like occasional drinks, it’s important to have alcohol at your party.

The best way to organize and stay on budget for your baby shower is to choose four to six types of drinks. That way, you won’t waste money, and your guest will have choices.

Gift bags for your guests

Gift bags for your guests

In the past few years, many young parents have decided to give their guests gift bags. This act shows gratitude and special attention. 

Usually, these gift bags are filled with a short “Thank you” card, some sweets, and a small gift.

Still, this creates additional costs and not always can be afforded. Therefore, don’t feel bad if you don’t do this at your baby shower.

Disposable cameras and a professional photographer

Considering that the baby shower is a huge milestone in your life, it’s beautiful to have photographs of this memory. We recommend you have a professional photographer or disposable cameras at your party.

You can buy disposable cameras from Walmart, Amazon, or Target. This is a cheaper way of remembering this day forever. It also allows you to collect photos from different angles and everyone present at the baby shower.

Booking a professional photographer is always an amazing experience. However, it can be very expensive. If you decide to book a photographer for your baby shower, you must find someone available on your date. 

DJ or a good playlist

Good music always sets the right mood for a party. 

It is common for people to forget about this essential element of the baby shower. After all, there is so much to think about.

That’s why we recommend you put someone else in charge of the music. A close friend or a relative with great taste. Explain to them the theme and the desired atmosphere so they can easily find the right music. They can create a special playlist on Spotify or find a great mix. However, this will not cost you anything.

On the other hand, booking a DJ is very expensive and hard. You will indeed have the party of your dreams, but is it worth spending that much money?

Party decorations

The first impression is important. That’s why having a themed baby shower is always a great idea. 

If you have a theme for your party, you can easily find or DIY suitable decorations. For example, you can buy cheap decor from Walmart, Target, the Dollar Tree Store, or Amazon.

Still, if you decide to make your decor, there are some great ideas on Pinterest. Also, you can find helpful tutorials on YouTube.

Ideas for baby shower games

The Best Baby Shower Games Ideas

My Water Broke!

This is a fun and interactive game to play at your baby shower. Why? It includes everyone that is present and provokes communication. Furthermore, My Water Broke is a classic party game meaning that you won’t have to explain the rules to everyone individually. 

The game itself is competitive, which makes everyone completely focused on the end goal.

Although it is suitable for both big and small parties, there are some obstacles you may cross. If you are hosting a big baby shower, the required elements to play this game will increase your costs. On the other hand, this game won’t have a sufficient impact on the expenditures for the baby shower if the party is small or medium.

What you need to play this game

To play My Water Broke at your baby shower, you must go on a little doll shopping.

This game requires tiny plastic baby dolls for each guest. You will also have to purchase an ice cube tray for the players.

According to the game’s rules, you must place the plastic babies inside the cubes and fill them with water. This should be done before the game officially starts. 

How to play

First, you must deliver the required objects to the players. This means that each player (guest) needs to have a drink that contains one plastic doll inside a frozen ice cube. 

The game starts when the mom-to-be says, “Start”. This baby shower game aims to extract the plastic baby from the ice by any means possible. Guests can be creative in their way. There are no forbidden ways how to remove the baby from the ice cube.

Whoever delivers their child first (removes the doll from the ice) and yells, “My water broke!” will win.

Blind folded diaper changing baby shower game

The Blind Folded Diaper Changing Contest

This game is the perfect fit if you are searching for a suitable icebreaker for your baby shower.

The Blind Folded Diaper Changing Contest is a game that is played in teams. Because the players are blindfolded, they must communicate with the other team members. This provokes active interaction and get-to-know conversations between the players (your guests).

It is a perfect fit for any party size. However, as always, a bigger guest list means higher costs. 

What you need to play this game

As the name of this game suggests, you need diapers, a blindfold, and a doll to play it. 

All of the previously mentioned objects are distributed to each team. So, we advise you to plan ahead for how many teams should be formed. This way, you will know the exact number of dolls, blindfolds, and diapers you need to buy.

How to play

In order to play this game, there must be teams. It can be man vs. woman teams. Another example is parents, relatives, and friends forming separate teams. Also, you can divide the guests into random groups or ask them to form collabs by themselves.

After all the teams are formed, every player must put the blindfold on. 

The true challenge begins when each player has to remove the current diaper from the baby and put a new one on the doll. The team members take turns completing this activity until everyone has done it.

The winner will be the team that finishes first changing the diaper while blindfolded. This means that every team member must complete the activity for the team to be considered finished.

Nursery Rhyme Knowledge

If you are searching for a game that is popular and loved by everyone, then Nursery Rhyme Knowledge is for you.

It is a very exciting and easy game to play. This game has also been among the favorite choices of activities for baby showers, and gender reveal parties. 

The game involves everyone and can be played with at least two people. There is no limit on the maximum number of players. As it is a playful and amusing game, more players mean more fun.

What you need to play this game

Nursery Rhyme Knowledge is a great activity that doesn’t require any additional expenditures from your side. This makes the game probably the best alternative for anyone that has a tight budget.

In order to play this game, firstly, you must take a piece of paper and write down a list of nursery rhyme snippets. Don’t forget to leave out some keywords or phrases. After you are finished, you have to make enough copies of this paper for all of the expected guests.

How to play

To play this game, you must first give the printed papers to your guests. Next, everyone should start filling in the blank sports simultaneously. Make sure there are no cheaters.

A winner will be the person that has the biggest number of correct answers. If there are tight results, those players should have a revanche. In this case, the fastest player with the correct answers will be the official winner.

How Many Baby Items Can You Name

Any parent or parents to be, know how many items a baby needs. There is a bottle, a blanket, diapers, a crib, and many more. However, when you are under pressure, most of these basics don’t even cross your mind.

So, imagine a dad of triplets standing frozen and having zero clue what a baby may need. That’s funny, right? Now, imagine how crazy it can be if all of your guests were put in a similar situation.

“How Many Baby Items Can You Name?” doesn’t require physical activity or awkward interactions. It is a slow and chill game to have at your party. Yet, a hilarious game that should be included in your shower.

It can be played with at least two people. Although, you can have as many players as you like. More importantly, this game challenges your guests to think fast and creatively.

Considering that sometimes parties may become too calm, this is the right game for such a scenario.

What you need to play this game

If you were trying to find a game that doesn’t require additional shower costs, then this is it.

For playing “How Many Baby Items Can You Name?” you only need motivated guests and a great party.

How to play

There are two possible ways you can play this game. 

The first method of playing this game is by setting up a timer of one minute. After that, each player has one minute to name as many baby items as possible. When time passes, a jury of one or three people counts how many baby objects were named. The winner is the person who named the most items.

The second way of playing “How Many Baby Items Can You Name?” is slightly different. In this case, you must give the guests a piece of paper and a pan. Instead of naming the baby items out loud, the players must write them down. The time is one minute per player. A winner will be the player who named the most items.

Find the Guest Baby Shower Game

Find the Guest!

If you have invited many different types of people to your baby shower, then Find the Guest should be your icebreaker. 

The nature of this game requires all of your guests to walk around the room and interact with everyone. Furthermore, this allows them to meet with each other, engage in a conversation and avoid awkwardness and shyness. 

It’s important to create a safe space for your guests, and that’s why you should use games such as this one. 

Allowing your friends and family to freely mingle around and talk with strangers sets a better mood for your party. This way, you will know that everyone knows each other, which means that you won’t have to run around the room just to accompany someone that doesn’t know anyone there.

This game is suitable for a medium or large party. However, it can also be played with at least ten guests. 

What you need to play this game

This game does not influence your budget. It is low to literally zero costs for you. You will only need paper and pens for everyone. 

So, if you have these items in your home, this game will cost you nothing. However, if you need to purchase them, you will still pay less than $20.

How to play

Prior to the party, you should prepare the game sheet. That is the piece of paper filled with questions or statements.

The game starts when every guest receives a game sheet and a pen. Next, they must match the questions/statements with a person there. For that reason, make sure to encourage your guests to walk around the room and communicate with each other. 

A winner will be the player that has completed their game sheet first with the most correct answers.

Draw the Baby 

We like games that don’t require many supplies and create sunk costs. For that reason, Draw the Baby is the game you need to have at your baby shower.

This game includes all the people that are present at your party. More importantly, it entertains and challenges them in a fun way.

Draw the Baby Baby Shower Game

What you need to play this game

As previously explained, this is a game that requires minimum supply. You only have to purchase paper plates and some pens or colored pencils. 

Usually, you may have these items at home, so you won’t have to spend anything on this game.

Still, if you have to buy them, we suggest you look at the Dollar Tree Store, Target, Walmart, or Amazon. They have many options and great deals.

How to play

The goal of this game is for your guests to draw the perfect baby. However, that is not all. 

This game is super interesting because the players have to draw without seeing it. Let us explain.

First, you must deliver each player a paper plate and a pen. Afterward, instruct the players to take their paper plates and position them on their foreheads. 

Set a timer for two minutes, and everyone has to start drawing at the same time. When the time is up, the mom chooses her favorite drawing. The artist of the chosen drawing is the winner of the game.

Emoji Anagrams

Emoji Anagrams is a modern game idea for your baby shower party. 

The main element of this game is the famous emojis we constantly use while texting. Considering this is a millennial version of the famous anagrams game, emojis are used instead of words.

Any group size can play it. Still, the old saying: “More is better”, can be applied here. It will be more interesting if more people play the game instead of three to five close friends.

What you need to play this game

Obviously, to play this game, you must have emojis. The tricky part is how you will show them to the guests. 

One alternative is to make emoji anagrams on Canva and show them to the guests via projector or a smart TV. This way you won’t have to spend money.

The other option is to create emoji anagrams on Canva and print them out. This is the “right” way of playing this game. However, it will be more expensive as the prints must be in color.

Lastly, you will have to provide your guests with pens.

How to play 

The rules of this game are straightforward and simple. 

The players aim to guess baby-related words or phrases shown on the emoji anagrams as much as possible. After they think of a suitable answer for the anagram, they need to write down the answer. The person that has the most correct answers wins.

Easy Baby Shower Games

Easy Baby Shower Games

Don’t Say Baby!

Can you go to a baby shower and not use the word “Baby”?

This game will give you the answer to this question.

It is an interactive game where all of your friends and family will be challenged hard. More importantly, it is adaptable to your atmosphere. 

For playing Don’t Say Baby!, you just need cool people who like having fun.

What you need to play this game

Although prep is unnecessary before the shower, you have to buy one very important item for this game.

To play Don’t Say Baby you need to purchase or find enough clothespins for every guest. That’s all. 

If you have to buy them, the prices are pretty low, and you won’t have to spend too much money.

How to play 

When the guests arrive at your party, you have to clip the clothespin onto what they wear. 

The game starts as soon as your guests come. The rules are easy. Each guest has a clothespin on them. The true dare here is not to say “Baby”. If one of the guests uses this word, you must go and collect the clothespin from them and clip it on you.

The winner will be the player that has the most clothespins on them.

Name That Baby Tune

If you have a lazy group of guests who don’t like to participate in many games, then you need this activity. 

Name That Baby Tune is a super easy baby shower game idea. It requires no additional preparation. It is also free of charge, as you don’t need anything specific to play the game. 

It is suitable for small, medium, or big parties. Players of all ages can participate in the game, which makes it more fun. More importantly, all of the players can enjoy their seats, food, and drinks while participating. This means that it would be easier to convince them to play.

What you need to play this game

Playing this game doesn’t require any special purchases. 

However, you will have to create a playlist with different baby sounds and songs on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or other channels. This step is necessary to have a successful baby shower game.

On the other hand, there is always a shortcut if you don’t have the time to make your own playlist. For example, you can find a premade mix or playlist on YouTube or Spotify and use that at your party. 

How to play

You only have to play a song or a baby sound on the speakers. After this, the players are required to guess the right song or the sound that was played.

Only one song can be played at a time. The aim is to have fast and correct responses. 

The winner is announced when the playlist is over, and you have played all the songs/sounds on it. 

The person with the most right answers will be the winner of this game.

Games for the Dads at Your Baby Shower

Daddy Knows Best

For any mom-to-be that is searching for games where her husband can join in, then Daddy Knows Best is your game.

This is the perfect baby shower game for all the men at your party. All the attention goes to the dad-to-be for at least a minute. According to the rules of this game, the number of players is unlimited.

Lastly, Daddy Knows Best is entertaining for the dads and everyone at your party. This game is a great way to make your party memorable.

What you need to play this game

This game requires a little bit of prep before the shower. 

You will have to make a list of questions directed toward the dad-to-be. In order to finish faster and have awesome questions, it would be helpful to ask your friends and family for some ideas.

Afterward, ask the dad to answer the questions and film him. Don’t forget to save the video! Additionally, you will need a projector, a smart TV, or printed papers. 

If you have a smart TV or a projector at your home, this option is time-consuming and has zero costs. You will use the TV or projector at the party to show the questions.

On the other hand, you can print each question on paper and randomly pick up the questions. This will be more dramatic. However, it will contribute to the expenditures made for the party.

How to play

At your shower, form a closed circle around the father-to-be. Show the question to everyone and read it out loud. 

The players’ job will be to guess what the dad will answer. After everyone has an answer, play the video with the dad’s response to the question. 

You can also form small teams and come up with one team answer to each of the questions. 

The person or group who provides the majority of accurate answers is the winner.

Bottle Race

There is no better way to make everyone laugh out loud than to play the Bottle Race.

Try to imagine a room where everyone drinks out of a baby bottle. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see your parents drinking alcohol from a baby bottle?

The game itself is very chill and funny. Additionally, it also doesn’t have any special rules.

It can be played by one or an unlimited number of players. Usually, the drink inside of the bottle should be alcohol or beer. However, you can choose any beverage you like.

What you need to play this game

Believe it or not, you will have to buy many baby bottles for this game.

The rules require each guest to have a baby bottle filled with a beverage. So, you will have to purchase as many bottles as there will be guests at your party.

From the budget perspective, this game is more suited for a smaller or medium party. However, it will be extremely exciting to play with many guests.

Lastly, before the party starts, you must choose a beverage. Then you should fill the bottles with the drink up to the top and distribute them to the players.

How to play

The game’s name tells you everything you need to know. This is a Bottle Race.

The players start drinking from the bottles at the same time. The first person to finish with their drink is the winner. 

Note that this game is especially fun to play if the drinks are alcoholic. Just imagine how many of your guests will be drunk after the game.

Finally, make sure to leave this game near the middle of the party, as you don’t like to spoil the fun of all the other activities you have planned.

Unique Baby Shower Games

Unique Shower Games

One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies

If you aim to have a unique experience at your shower, then One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies is the perfect game for that.

This game is more like a group activity than an actual game. Thanks to this, the game allows each guest to explore their own creativity. On top of that, this activity allows your guest to feel comfortable and productive and have a nice time.

This activity is a great fit for any group size. However, we suggest this game to you if you have more conservative, calm, or quiet guests. 

In addition, One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies provokes conversation between everyone at your baby shower. Meaning that you won’t have to worry that someone is left out.

What you need to play this game

In order to play One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies, you will have to go on a little shopping. 

According to the rules and instructions for this game, you should buy plain onesies. Moreover, you will also need to purchase materials in different colors, acrylics, markers, glitter, thick cardboard sheets, and other decorative items.

Before the guests arrive, make sure to create a nice area where you can do this activity.

How to play

There are no rules for this game. All you have to do is get creative and create unique clothes for your kid.

This game is a nice bonding moment for the mom and her close friends and family. Additionally, this game also creates a nice memory for everyone involved. 

Finally, this activity is very personal and authentic, which makes your shower special and unforgettable. 

Fun Shower Games

Fun Games for Your Baby Shower

Hang the Diaper

Finding a game that can make everyone laugh is quite a challenge, isn’t it? That’s why we recommend you play Hang the Diaper at your party.

This is an active and fun game to play with all of your loved ones. 

Because it encourages interactions and movement, don’t be surprised if your guests start laughing at one point.

What you need to play this game

There are not many requirements to play this game. However, you may need to do a little shopping beforehand.

To play this game, you will need baby diapers, mini clothespins, and pieces of string.

How to play

To play this game, you will need to make two or three little clotheslines. For this matter, you have two options. The first one is for you to prop them up on sticks. The second option is to ask two team members to hold the ends of the string. 

Next, you will have to split your guests into competing teams. After the groups are formed, make sure to set a timer. Explain the rules to the players when this is done, and the game can start.

The goal is to hang up as many diapers as possible. A winner will be considered the team with the most diapers on the line.

Chill Shower Games

Chill Baby Shower Games

Guess the Famous Parent

Did you know that Guess the Famous Parent is one of the greatest games for a baby shower?

Any number of people can play it. Also, you don’t have to beg your guests to participate in it. Instead, they usually volunteer to play this game.

Probably, this is because the game is very relaxing and chill. Additionally, it doesn’t require any special actions by the players. So everyone can participate, and no one has to be disturbed.

What you need to play this game

To play this game, you need only one thing: cards! No, not the regular ones. In order to play Guess the Famous Parent, you need to print out cards with names or photos of famous moms and their kids.

Considering the fact that you will need to have enough cards for everyone, this might be expensive. As a solution to this, you may ask the guests to form several teams. That way, instead of printing 50 cards for each player, you will have to print them out just for the teams.

How to play

If you like to play this game at your baby shower, then you have to find many celebrities with kids. You can use singers, authors, scientists, movie stars, dancers, and fictional characters in order to spice the game.

A winner will be the team or person that can match most of the cards correctly. 

If you like to make the game more exciting, you can set up a timer.

How Old Was She

There is not just another baby shower game that you can play where the attention is brought to the mother. It’s more fun and connecting than the others. 

This game does not need much preparation, but everyone will have a blast when seeing childhood photos of the hostess, even weird ones.

This game will be a symbol of memories and a trip to the youth of the mother.

Be aware that this game may bring up many emotions for the guests and some tires. 

What you need to play this game

What would you need to do for this game? Your main job will be to find pictures of yourself, the mother. The photos should represent a different era of your life.

For example, photos from when you were a baby, just a kid, your first day at school, your first kiss, your first boyfriend, and many others. 

Then you will need to distribute paper and a pen for every guest that is attending.

You can choose to print out copies of the photos for each guest. However, we advise you to show the photographs on a projector, smart TV, or computer.

How to play

If the game so far sounds easy to you, then you are right. There isn’t any special philosophy or tricks behind it. 

To play the game, you have to first show the pictures. Then, as a photo is presented, ask the players to write down how old they think you are. After this, you gather the guesses that have been made. You can even read out loud some that are funny or completely wrong. Lastly, announce the winner. 

The one who gets the most right answers gets to be the champion of the game.

Educational Baby Shower Games

Educational and Practical Baby Shower Games

The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

Children are expensive, and that is the truth. You have to buy all sorts of things that are just the essentials. For example, you must have diapers, baby clothes, baby bottles, a crib, baby spoons, and more. 

So, imagen if you put all of your friends that have no idea how costly it is to have a baby in a position to guess the price of different baby items.

Everybody knows that having a child is expensive, yet what amount truly do child supplies cost? The Price is Right will show you how well-informed your guests are if they are experienced shoppers. 

It is one of the most well-liked games for baby showers, which will definitely make your guests happy.

What you need to play this game

The required material you need in order to play this game is pens, paper, a computer, and a printer.

Before you begin with the game, there is one step you should do. On a blank sheet of paper, make a list of baby items and a specific quantity for the same (for instance, a box of 60 Pampers diapers). Then, make sure to have enough copies for every guest.

How to play

After you have done the previous steps required for this game, it’s time to play it!

There are three ways you can play the game. The first way of playing this game is by instructing each guest to add up their guesses by writing down what they think each item sells for. When you collect all the answers, the next step is to find the winner. That can be done by seeing who gets closest to the correct total without going over.

Another possible approach to playing this game is setting up a timer of 30 seconds or one minute. Then each player has to guess the right price of the items shown. 

Lastly, you can play this game in groups. First, you will divide the players into several groups. Then, each team will discuss and guess the prices of the baby stuff. 

The group or person that has the most correct answers will be the winner.

Other Baby Shower Games

Other Baby Shower Game Ideas

  1. Feed the Baby
  2. Diaper Notes
  3. Nursing Bra Game
  4. Are You That Baby?
  5. Hello, My Name Is…
  6. Who Knows Mommy Best?
  7. The Mommy or Daddy Game
  8. Don’t Drop the (Egg) Baby
  9. Baby Due Date Guessing Game
  10. Baby Food Taste Test
  11. Baby Shower Balloon Pop
  12. Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth
  13. Play Dough Babies
  14. Match the Socks
  15. The Left Right Game
  16. How Old Was Dad?
  17. Diaper Change Relay Race
  18. Do You Know Your Cartoon Babies?
  19. Candy Bar Game
  20. The Nursery Rhyme Quiz
  21. Diaper Raffle


Finding suitable baby shower games is not too hard. However, the bigger problem can be convincing your guest to participate.

Therefore, knowing your group and finding suitable games for them is important. For example, use easy and chill games if you have a more official shower with serious and calm people. On the other hand, if your guests enjoy challenges and have fun, find unique and interactive games.

Our final advice will be to remind you that you must also enjoy your party. For that reason, find activities and games that will make you amazed and happy.

We hope that this article was helpful.

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