Jessica Daniels
Jessica Daniels – Founder & Mom

Hi, I’m Jessica

When I was a first time mom-to-be, the prospect of having to choose from an endless array of baby products was intimidating to say the least. I found myself in my favorite baby store, staring at wall after wall of strollers and car seats with no idea where to start.

My heart raced as I thought about all the ways I could get it wrong and how this little person depending on me for everything deserved nothing but the best. In that moment I knew something had to change – I had to find a way for moms like me to make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed by endless choices and conflicting reviews.

That’s why I founded Posh Tots – a website dedicated to helping parents make the right decisions when it comes to buying baby products. We work hard every single day to provide you with honest reviews written by real moms (myself included), who have put each product through rigorous testing in order to guarantee its quality.

My team and I understand exactly how difficult these decisions can be, so we’re proud that we can provide our fellow moms with unbiased information that they can trust. From researching which diapers work best to picking the perfect stroller, you can be sure that you’ll always find what’s best for your little one here at Posh Tots!

Our mission is to deliver the most trustworthy and comprehensive reviews of baby products available. You deserve an independent and unbiased assessment based on extensive research and real-world experiences – something that I, as a mother of two kids under five, know all too well! Sigh 🙂

I have personally tested many of the products we recommend and I oversee every review with careful attention.

On top of this, we have also teamed up with an experienced pediatric nurse who provides an extra level of reassurance for parents when it comes to choosing their perfect product. On that note, I would like you to meet Sarah:

Sarah Schulze MSN, APRN, CPNP

Sarah is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner. She earned her BSN from Indiana State University and her MSN from University of Illinois at Chicago.

As an NP she has worked in primary care pediatrics and adolescent mental health. Her special interests include growth and development, mental health, and breastfeeding. Sarah is also a certified lactation counselor.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 3 young sons, traveling, and gardening.

You can learn more about Sarah on her website